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List Of Best Water Parks In Dubai 2023: Ticket Price & Offers



best waterparks in dubai

Want to get away from Dubai’s oppressive desert heat? Dive into the cool and refreshing pools of the best water parks in Dubai for a relaxing retreat. 

With towering water slides and wave pools to cool the body and unique eateries to calm the hunger pangs, these aquatic wonderlands offer an endless thrill for all ages. Whether you are looking for an exciting family outing or an adventurous ride with friends, Dubai’s water parks will be the perfect destination. 

Sounds exciting? Let’s dive in then and explore the top water parks in Dubai alongside their major attractions and other essential information. 

Importance of water parks in Dubai’s tourism industry

Water parks are an essential element in Dubai’s thriving tourism industry. Dubai is undoubtedly a popular destination and attracts millions of visitors each year.

Foreigners visiting Water Parks In Dubai's Tourism Industry

Dubai offers a wide range of attractions and experiences to cater to this influx of international visitors. Water parks, in particular, are a major attraction as they offer a fun and cooling escape from the hot desert climate and a plethora of fun-filled activities allowing visitors to have a memorable experience.

Here are some more details about why Water Parks are an indispensable part of Dubai’s Tourism Industry;

Diversification of Attractions 

Dubai is notorious for its ultra-luxurious hotels, towering skyscrapers, and high-end shopping malls. Adding water parks to the mix, Dubai appeals to a broad range of visitors and offers them an experience of a lifetime. 

Family Friendly Appeal 

Water parks in Dubai are quite popular with families, and it’s no secret that Dubai has positioned itself as a family-friendly destination. Adding water parks to its already impressive portfolio of tourist destinations, Dubai can attract families looking for fun activities they can enjoy with children and spouses. 

Economic Benefits 

Dubai’s water parks enjoy a massive influx of visitors each day, both domestic and international. Therefore these parks generate significant revenue for Dubai’s tourism industry ( $609mln). Besides ticket sales, the water park generates tons of revenue from food and merchandise sales. 

Boost Employment 

Water parks in Dubai also create many job opportunities, boosting the Employment rate in the city. Incidentally, these water parks employ a considerable workforce ranging from park attendants to management and administration staff. 

In this article, we will explore the best water parks in Dubai, where you can beat the heat, enjoy a range of aquatic activities, and have fun with your loved ones. So, let’s dive in!

top 5 Water Parks in Dubai

Here is the list of best water parks in Dubai that is a must-visit:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Laguna Water Park
  • Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts

1. Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Water Park tops our list of best water parks in Dubai. This is the biggest water park in Dubai.

Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

Consequently, it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Dubai. From water rides to exotic attractions and experiences, Aquaventure Water Park can be considered an amazing retreat to cool off.

Theme and Design

Aquaventure is an adventurous Water Park for everyone, regardless of their age. This exciting waterpark includes various slides, lagoons, roller coasters, pools, and many other attractions and experiences.

Major attractions

The major attractions of Aquaventure waterpark include 2 kilometers of River Rapids and 1 km of private beach for the guests. In addition, Aquaventure waterpark also allows you to take a close view of animals like dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and stingrays which act like a cherry on the cake. 

Entertainment and Dining Options

Aquaventure is a powerpack Waterpark that looks over guests’ all requirements, including entertainment and meal services. Aquaventure provides guests with a complete entertainment source through thrilling rides and attractions. And in terms of meals, the Waterpark has a variety of food options for guests, including fast food, Chinese, Lebanese, and more.

Location and Size

Aquaventure Water Park is based in the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Hotel. This Water Park is spread over 22.5 hectares. Being the world’s largest Water park Aquaventure Water Park includes the world’s largest kids’ water park, more than 105 slides, three towers, and more. 

Pricing and Ticket Information

Here are the pricing details to enjoy the attractions of Aquaventure park Dubai;

  • Aquaventure Day Pass for Adults – AED 299
  • Aquaventure Day Pass for Kids – AED 249
  • Kids below two years of age – Free.

2. Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is another renowned attraction located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

It’s a world-class attraction that promises an unforgettable experience of fun and excitement. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, this water park offers a perfect blend of adventure, fun, and relaxation.

Theme and Design

Wild Wadi waterpark is themed around the famous tale of Juha from Arabian folklore. This premier water park in Dubai is designed innovatively for all age groups offering unique experiences. 

Major attractions

Wild Wadi water park is famous for its thrilling rides that provide a sensational experience to the riders. Even though the Park is limited to only three pools and 30 rides, it still offers an enthralling experience with rides like Jumeirah Sceirah, Master Blaster, Burj Surj, and more.

Entertainment and Dining Options 

Regarding dining and meal options, Wild Wadi WaterPark does not allow outside food. Instead, it offers a host of delectable meal options, including a tasty menu of fries, Chicken, shawarmas, burgers, etc., at Juha’s Family Kitchen, and Pizzas with a large variety of Riptide Pizza. You can also enjoy Smokehouse for the best American Fast food. 

Location and Size

Wild Wadi Park is between Dubai’s famous tourist spots, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It’s 12 acres of fun with numerous rides and attractions. 

Pricing and Ticket Information

The entrance fees are fixed in Wild Wadi Water Park based on the height of each guest. However, children below three years are complimentary. 

  • Above 1.1 m:- AED 299 on the gate, AED 269 online
  • Below 1.1 m:- AED 249 on the gate, AED 199 online.

3. Laguna Water Park

Everyone in a family ain’t the same. You may like relaxing in the water while your kids may like playing and water slides. And guess what? Laguna Water Park can entirely complete all your desires in one place. 

Laguna Water Park Dubai

Theme and design of Laguna Water Park

Laguna Water Park is a Shorefront Water Park divided into four zones: Surf, Relax, Slide, and Splash. Being a small Water Park, it consists of five primary rides, a pool lounge, La Mer North Beach, and more. Even though Laguna Water Park is limited to only 7 to 8 rides, it can still take you more than 3 hours to enjoy all of them.

Major attractions in Laguna Water Park

If we talk about Laguna Water Park’s Major attractions then no doubt it is its Beach access, children’s zone, and lazy river. This Water Park is the best spot to spend family time as it offers excellent water slides and has exotic nightlife to grab your attention.

Entertainment and dining options you can try in Laguna Water Park 

When we have discussed so much about Laguna Water Park, how could we miss mentioning the meal? And nor does Laguna Water Park forget this. With perfect entertainment of water slides, a children’s fun zone, and a relaxing beach, the Laguna water park guests also enjoy multiple types of food and beverages. 

Where is Laguna Water Park?

Laguna Water Park is a small sized family-friendly Water Park. The key benefit of this Water Park is its location. Laguna Water Park is situated near Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station in the La Mer neighborhood, which makes it easier for tourists. 

Pricing and ticket 

In Laguna Water Park, one has to pay only once to enjoy and get access to all water rides. In addition to this, they also offer you free parking for up to 4 hours. 

  • At Gate – AED 210
  • Online Booking – AED 145

4. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Next on our list is the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi. It’s a perfect water park to experience waves and rides all in one place. It is the largest water theme park in Abu Dhabi.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Incidentally, this is a family-friendly spot where you can spend more than two days immersed in excitement and thrill at a significantly low cost.

Theme and Design

Yas Waterworld has a unique original story theme named Legend of The Lost pearl – one of its major attractions; it is a tale inspired by Emirati culture and history. Similar to the theme, the designs and architecture of the park entirely reflect traditional Emirati architecture. 

Major Attractions 

The key attraction of Yas Waterworld is its more than 45 rides which are divided further based on the level of thrill. Besides this, Yas Waterworld always keeps its guests engaged by bringing various seasonal events.

Entertainment and Dining options

Yas Waterworld prioritizes guests’ entertainment by providing numerous themed experiences like Neon Nights, PearlMasters, Underwater VR experience, and more. In addition, Yas Waterworld offers dining options, including fast food and sit-down meals. 

Location and Size

Yas Waterworld is located in Abu Dhabi. This large theme Park spans over 15 hectares of land, making it “Water’s Greatest Playground.”

Pricing and Ticket Information

Yas Waterworld allows its guests to visit either Ferrari World Abu Dhabi or Warner Bros world™ in one day.

  • Single Day Ticket – Adult AED270 and Junior AED220. Also, you get a 10% discount for online booking.
  • Single Day Ticket Plus Meals Voucher – Adult AED320 and JuniorAED260.
  • 2 Day Any 2 Parks – Price AED 435.
  • 1 Day Any 2 Parks – Price AED 395
  • Unlimited 3 Day 3 Parks – Price AED 545

5. Dubai Parks and Resorts

As the name suggests, Dubai Parks and Resorts isn’t limited to only a single theme; instead, it has a lot more to offer you.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

From exciting water slides to relaxing resorts, Dubai Parks and Resorts has many attractions that can easily make your day. It is one of the most famous and best Water Parks In Dubai.

Location and Size

Dubai Parks and Resorts is situated near Jebel Ali on AE 11 Highway and is widely known for its size. Interestingly, this Park is about 25 million square feet which is close enough to the size of a small city. 

Theme and Design

Regarding theme and design, Dubai Parks and Resorts is a World-class theme-integrated park. This large theme Park is home to Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood parks, Legoland, and Legoland Water Park. Besides, it also has a Polynesian-themed family resort, all in one location. Therefore, it’s a perfect spot to experience fun, adventure, and thrill.

Major attractions

Being a multiple-theme integrated park, Dubai Parks and Resorts has a range of attractions. You can enjoy over 100 thrilling rides, record-breaking large Swing rides, captivating live shows, and more. 

Entertainment and Dining options

Dubai Parks and Resorts follow a unique concept in dining and meal options. Riverland™ is the gateway to this large theme Park. And they serve you meals in the greatest four old eras theme and include famous restaurants like Wok Garden, The Keg, Viva Ristorante, McDonald’s, Al Mashowa, Costa Coffee, and Bol Gappa. From Indian fusion to fast food, you can find everything to satisfy your food cravings.

Pricing and Ticket information

The pricing of this endless fun and entertaining theme park varies based on the season. 

  • Ticket Cost – AED 355 per guest.

Things to be considered while visiting Water parks in Dubai

Since you have read our list of best water parks in Dubai, if you are planning to visit any of these water parks in Dubai, you have to know some rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and fun-filled trip. For any specific rules, do check out the official website of the water park; however, in general, these are the things you must follow whenever you visit a water park in Dubai;

  • Ensure to follow the dress code; many of these parks have a strict dress code and may reject entry because of an inappropriate dress code.
  • Each water park provides a set of safety rules; make sure to follow them at all times during your visit to the water park.
  • Water parks in Dubai also implement strict policies about bringing food inside the park; therefore, check or contact water park authorities to know their food and drink policies. 
  • Parks like Aquaventure don’t recommend expectant mothers to attempt any activities, so check with them beforehand.
  • Many parks also restrict bringing extension devices like selfie sticks etc., on safety grounds, so check with the authorities first. 

Dubai’s Water parks are some of the most exciting and thrilling in the world, offering visitors a place to shun the heat, cool down and relax. From towering slides to lazy rivers, these parks have something for everyone regardless of age or level of adventure.

Therefore whether you are a thrill seeker, looking for a perfect place for fun with family, or seeking somewhere to cool off, Dubai’s Water Parks are worth checking out. Why wait, then? Get ready to make a splash, beat the heat, and create memories that will last a lifetime at the best water parks in Dubai!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When to visit Dubai’s water parks?

The best time to visit the water parks is in the evening when the heat has subsided a little and the atmosphere is relatively cooler and pleasant.

2. Can you wear swimsuits in Dubai’s water park?

Dubai water parks are a family destination; therefore, these parks emphasize family-appropriate swimwear. On top of that, different parks might have individual restrictions on clothing too; therefore, check out with park authorities before visiting. 

3. Are there any height restrictions for water park rides in Dubai?

Yes. Most water park rides in Dubai have height restrictions to ensure the safety of the visitors. Moreover, Children might have additional restrictions too.

4. Can I rent lockers at water parks in Dubai?

Yes, almost every water park in Dubai offers lockers at rent to store your belongings while you stay at the water park. 

5. Can I bring my own inflatable toys to water parks in Dubai?

No. Water parks in Dubai mostly restrict bringing inflatables to the park as these could pose safety risks to other park visitors

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