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BoxPark Dubai – Shops, Restaurants, Cinema, And More



box park dubai

Boxpark Dubai is one of the best shopping destinations, which is the amalgamation of two different worlds – modern amenities and conceptual street shopping. It is located in the heart of the city and has got amazing architecture that includes trendy shops and restaurants that got transformed from shipping containers.

In this article, we will discuss Boxpark Dubai, How to reach there, its location, brands and stores, services and amenities, events and activities, and moreover Frequently asked questions.

Explore Boxpark Dubai – A Shopper’s Paradise

Boxpark Dubai is a dining destination and modern shopping complex located in Dubai in Jumeirah Area. this mall is owned by Meraas ( Dubai Based Company that develops and maintains the properties. It was launched in 2016. )

box park uae

The unique part of this mall is the design as the concept of street shopping was made using shipping containers which were turned into trendy restaurants and shops.

It aims to provide a unique experience to both visitors and residents of Dubai. you might find a lot of residential areas nearby, making it one of the best choices for local residents. It has got a variety of entertainment options, restaurants, and shops to enhance the visitor experience.

Its unique design and some amazing features of it has led it to be the winner of various awards. One such award was “Best Urban Design and Public Spaces” received in 2017 at Dubai Cityscape Global Awards.

Box park is the part of biggest development plan designed by Meraas that has different entertainment and retail destinations like La Mer beach, the Beach at JBR, City walk, and many more. It has become one of the popular attractions for tourists and residents contributing to Dubai’s status as one of the best entertainment and shopping destinations in the middle east.

Boxpark Dubai- Location

Boxpark is located in Dubai in the Jumeirah area region, next to Al Safa Park and Al Wasl Road. the mall is located at one of the central locations and can be easily accessed by different transportation.

how to Reach The Boxpark?

  • Public Transport: You can easily access Boxpark Dubai by metro, taxi, and bus. Business Bya Station is the nearest metro station, approximately 10 minutes away from the mall. There is also the bus available at Business Byay station, which stops at Al Wasl Road 2 bus stop, which is a small walk away from the mall.
  • Private Transportation: Visitors can also use their own cars or private taxis. There is a lot of space available for the visitors coming by car. The mall is also accessible by Uber or Careem like ride-hailing services.

Top Stores And Brands In Boxpark Dubai

We have listed some of the popular stores and brands in Boxpark Dubai

1. Urbanist

it is a popular Fashion Store that offers a wide range of art pieces, jewelry, homeware, and modern clothing. The store is well known for its unique designs, exceptional quality products, and customer service.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Phone Number :+ 971-4-348-8002

2. House of Porse

It is the must-visit store if you like to read books. It has got an amazing collection of some used books and new books from almost all regions. Whether you are looking for nonfunction, modern fiction, or classic alliteration, you will find something to your taste.

Timings: 10 AM to 10:00 PM

Phone Number: + 971-4-355-9021

3. The Art of Optics

It specializes in sunglasses and frames. The store stock has got an amazing collection from big brands like Piero Massaro, la Eeye works, Lesca, ROgers, and JF Rey. it focuses more on quality and style. You can find your next pair of glasses here.

Timings: 10 AM to 10:00 PM

4. Binisa Pharmacy

it is the UAE’s largest Pharmacy chain. This store has got a wide range of healthcare products, healthcare equipment, supplements, and medicines. It is quite known for its exceptional customer care.

Timings:10 AM to 10 PM.

5. Scorpion Smoking Requisites

it caters to all the needs of smoking enthusiasts. It offers tobacco, pipes and smoking kits, and various other kinds of smoking accessories. You might find some good quality products and great staff.

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM

6. QKO Asian Market

it has got a good collection of Asian Food products. They have a stock of everything from Korean spices to Japanese snacks, making it the most perfect destination to find Asian Food products. Their prices are quite competitive and offer great quality products.

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM

The Shopping destination at Boxpark Dubai offers a wide range of products and caters to all your preferences and needs. At Box park, you will surely find something which suits your preferences and taste among various other stores available.

Dining And Entertainment Options At Boxpark Dubai

There are a lot of dining choices available for both residents and tourists to cater the different preferences and tastes.

boxpark dubai restaurants

There are a lot of cafes, restaurants, and food stalls offering a diversified dining and cuisine experience.

Types of Cuisines available at Boxpark Dubai

  • Desserts: Visitors can go to Icecream parlors like Scoopi Cafi to get a wide range of dessert options including pastries from La Brioche and increases to indulge their sweet tooth.
  • Cafes: A lot of cafes are opened up where one can enjoy a light meal or coffee like Esspressio lab.
  • Western Cuisine: For tourists or visitors who love western cuisine there are a lot of restaurants available that offers food options like pizza, burger, and crepes from Burgers from Five Gises, Project Pei, and le petit Belge.
  • Asian: A lot of Restaurants like Sushi Art or Bando are there that offer Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food. Some of the popular dishes are Koren Fried CHicken At BAndo and Sushi at Sushi Art.
  • Middle Eastern: Want to have something more traditional than a lot of Middle Eastern dishes they’re including hummus, falafel, and shawarma offered at various food stores like Wafee Street, Al Faroo Fresh, and Falafel.

Entertainment Options At Boxpark Dubai

You might also find a lot of entertainment options at BoxPark Dubai, there is a lot of Roxy Cinemas and outdoor cinema, for the visitors to enjoy the latest blockbuster movies under the sky.

roxy cinemas box park dubai

Moreover, if someone wants to experience VR then there is a VR park, A trampoline park too for people who like to do physical activities.

Dubai Park offers various Entertainment and dining options for you and your family to make it the perfect place to spend your time.

Services and Amenities At Boxpark

Boxpark offers all the amenities and services to make visitors’ visits enjoyable and comfortable experience. A few of the amenities and services available at Box park Dubai are.

the boxpark dubai parking
  • Valet Parking: it makes it easier for visitors to get their vehicles parked.
  • Free Wifi: it allows visitors to be connected online through free Wifi at Mall.
  • ATMs and Currency Exchange: A lot of currency exchanges and ATMs are available for visitors’ confidence at Box Par Dubai.
  • Kids Play Area: it has got designated play area for kids where they can play games and enjoy some activities.
  • Customer Service: there is a dedicated customer service team t help visitors with any of their issues or queries.
  • Wheel Chair Access: there is wheelchair access available for specially-abled people to move in the mall.
  • Pet-Friendly: visitors can bring their pets along while they dine and ship, as Boxpark is a pet-friendly mall.

In addition to these amenities and services, there are a lot of activities and events held every year such as fitness classes, music performances, cultural festivals, and much more to create an engaging and memorable experience.

Shopping Tips and Tricks When Visiting

Here are some tips and tricks to follow while shopping to make the most out of your visit.

boxpark dubai container buildings
  • Always look for sales: there can be discounts and sales offered that can save a lot of your money. Hence before visiting always check the coupons and promotions.
  • Shop with Freind: you can make your experience more engaging and enjoyable why going with friends. Also, it helps you to get honest feedback on what you try.
  • Always take a Break: Shopping can be tiring, hence it is good to rest your feet and take some back. The malls have got a lot of cafes and seating years where you can recharge and relax.
  • Always plan your visit ahead: Make a complete list of items that you want to plan or buy while visiting the mall. It would help you to save time and avoid any distractions or aimlessly wandering.
  • Choose the best time to visit the mall: if you want to avoid too much crowd, then you should visit the mall during the morning hours or the weekdays. Holidays and weekdays are business time, so do take care of this. Also, it is advisable to not go mall during the peak shopping seasons like Black Friday and Christmas.

If you want to visit with your family and kids, here are some extra tips that you can follow.

  • Dress your kids Comfortably: Ensure that your kids are dressed in comfortable shoes and clothes to have quite an exciting experience.
  • Always bring a source of entertainment: bring electronics, toys, and books to keep your kids engaged while in breaks or queues.
  • Make a complete plan: Always let your kids know what stores you would be going to visit and always take some small breaks to prevent your kids from getting overwhelmed.

Events and Activities

There are a lot of events and activities hosted in the mall that attracts a lot of tourists and offer the most engaging experience. Here is a small list of what you can expect.

  • Promotions and Sales: A lot of shops in the mall offer regular promotions and sales to attract people, it could be freebies, giveaways, and discounts.
  • Entertainment: Various forms of entertainment such as cultural events, live music, and theater performances.
  • Food Festivals: The mall organizes different food festivals and features a lot of restaurants and vendors to showcase various cuisines and create some wonderful dining experiences.
  • Kid-friendly Activities: there are a lot of kid-friendly activities organized such as interactive exhibits, storytelling sessions, face paintings and to engage children and help them gain some amazing experiences.

Some of the popular Activities and Events

  • Charity Events: Various malls organize fundraisers and charity events to engage with their local community and moreover support various causes.
  • Art Exhibition: A lot of malls feature local artists by displaying their interesting and unique articles.
  • Fashion Shows: Some of the companies and brands feature the latest fashion styles and trends in the malls.
  • Seasonal Activities: A lot of seasonal activities for valentines’ Day, Halloween, and Christmas are organized. few of the events are romantic photo booths, pumpkin carving contests, and Santa meet and greets.

In this article, we have discussed various things about the mall culture, including the evolution and history of malls, the benefits of shopping in the malls, and tips to make your visit easy and memorable.

Also, we covered some of the common stores opened in BoxPark such as department stores, specialty stores, anchor stores, and much more.

Overall Boxpark Dubai offers a diverse and convenient shopping experience that has always something to offer you. It is quite essential to be also aware of drawbacks and be responsible while shopping to ensure you are always under budget. Following the right approach and tips mentioned above in the article would make your visit to Boxpark Dubai memorable.

Boxpark Dubai contact details

Here are the contact details for Box Park Dubai:

Address: Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 317 3999

Email: [email protected]

If you have any further questions or inquiries, you can also visit their website at or connect with them on their social media pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the timings of the opening of Boxpark Dubai?

10 AM to 12 AM every day, Dubai park is Open for public dealing.

2. What are various shopping and dining stores opened in Boxpark Dubai?

It features various range of stores including lifestyle, fashion, and beauty stores along with food outlets, cafes, and restaurants.

3. How big is the parking facility in Box Park Dubai?

BoxPark has one of the largest parking areas with nearly 1000 parking spots available for tourists and locals.

4. Can we take pets in Box Park Dubai?

Yes, you can take your pets but they are allowed only in outdoor areas of the BoxPark Dubai mall. Mostly there are kept under control and on leashes every time.

5. Are there any special promotions and discounts available?

Yes, there are various discounts and promotions at various restaurants and stores. For more details, you can check their website or social media handles to get information about the latest deals.

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