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Dubai Global Village 2023 : Opening Timings,Tickets Price ,Location & More



A Comprehensive Guide To Dubai Global Village 2023

Do you plan your Dubai tour? Looking for the best places to visit in Dubai? If yes, you must put the Dubai global village in the bucket of your must-visit places. Read this guide to know more. It is an amazing experience to create by visiting the global village in Dubai. Global Village is one of the most awaited attractions in Dubai, which is known for a lot of attention and acceleration from the reunion of people across the world.

The global village is a miniature world crammed into a single piece and gives you the best opportunity to find several countries’ cultures together in Dubai. As the name suggests, the global village will depict the culture of over 75 countries in its pavilion.

The global village showcases your far east pavilion that features Japan. South Korea, and the Philippines. This year, the events and shows of Global village park are all set and begin from 25 October 2022 onwards and provide new attractions, unparalleled shopping, unlimited entertainment, and culinary delights from all parts of the world. 

This place is also known for its spectacular shopping experience in the winter season every year. The global village is the biggest marketplace known for shopping in the world. Along with this, it also has a fantasy island for adventurers and kids and provides them with amusement rides. In this way, the global village is known as the largest entertainment hub in the world. Read the article to get complete information about the global village if you also want to make your Dubai tour a more interesting and unforgettable experience.

A Brief About Global Village Dubai

The Dubai global village is a multicultural and big theme park. This place in Dubai has many more things to do. There are heaps of cultural events, 27 global pavilions, street food stands, Ripley’s, believe it or not, carnival rides, the first oddity museum, and many more. In other words, the global village is considered the annual festival that is held in the winter season in Dubai.

Dubai global village

It begins in November and ends in April. In this way, it is like an exciting event where many people from different nations come together to see the pavilion. Global Village Dubai provides a complete dining experience, tradition, shopping, and many more. One pavilion is well designed to represent every nation, displaying the different offerings that fill the visitor’s experience with joy. Every pavilion belongs to a particular country, organizes its stalls, and shows what is native to its specific destination.

The Dubai global village has a complete package, including an information center, prayer rooms, ATMs, and toilets. The fee for entry into global village Dubai is around AED 15 for every person. The best thing is that there are no fees for children under 3 years or older over 65 years. It makes the global village a fantastic event free of cost.

However, the global village Dubai is considered an important tourist place in Dubai. This place promotes tourism to a high-end level and attracts millions of tourists worldwide every year. The global village is a world-famous project that carries shopping and entertainment destinations by bringing people from different countries together. The global village aims to make people aware of the various cultural aspects of other nations.

Global Village Dubai Timings 2023

If you are planning your Dubai tour, and want to visit the global village Dubai, then you have to know the opening hours and timings of the Dubai global village to make your visit hassle-free.

Global Village Timings

Be ready for the best entertainment experience, unlimited fun, best attractions, and dining experience from all over the world by knowing the exact timings of the global village. The opening hours of the global village are

  • Sunday to Wednesday- 4 pm to 12 am
  • Thursday to Saturday – 4 pm to 1 am
  • Tuesdays

Tuesdays are only reserved for families and ladies, except on opening day (25 October 2022) and official public holidays. The Global Village Dubai is open from 25 October 2022 to 29 April 2023.

Things To Explore In Global Village Dubai

The Dubai global village has enough activities and adventures to keep everyone involved in an ideal and popular entertainment space.

Things To Explore In Global Village Dubai

However, to help you organize your global village tour, we have compiled a list of activities and things you should try in Global Village.

1. Shows And Events

Global Village in Dubai has presented more than 40000 shows and events to tourists to make their trip more exciting and joyful. This show outlines and shows the talent of skilled street artists, along with a child-friendly environment. Here are the different types of shows included in the list of best concerts and events of the global village.

  • Signature shows

Signature shows at global villages feature the event with world-class performers from all over the world.

  • Kids show

Kids show at global village Dubai has featured many all-time favorites in events, like Peter Rabbit and PJ masks.

  • Street shows

You can watch the street shows at the global village from unicyclists, fire jugglers, acrobats, and many more.

  • Cultural shows

Every last session will improve cultural events at a global village in Dubai. You can enjoy authentic performances in this type of shoe from more than 80 cultures of every pavilion on the main stage.

  • Stunt shows

At the global village, the stunt shows always begin with a bang and bring many explosions and excitement to this stage.

2. Pavilions And Selfie Spots

When you visit the Dubai global village, there are many facets and things in the world you will find at the themed pavilions. It can delight you and surprise you at every corner of global village Dubai.

You can also shop in bazaars, connect with culture, and be involved in delicious delicacies, as you make in the world, one pavilion at a time. Do not forget to visit selfie spots and capture your special moments at the global village.


The number of pavilions features various cultures from all over the world. The global village of Dubai is known as a hotspot of diversity. Every pavilion features different cultures, making it easy for visitors to reach the products and food items that belong to the world’s diverse cultures, histories, and heritage.

The famous pavilions that participated in the global village are Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, South Arabia, Russia, Yemen, Europe, Egypt, India, Turkey, Bahrain, South Korea, America, China, etc. 

Selfie Spots

The Dubai global village also has many colorful sights to see and experience good and amazed at every step. From the exciting characters to perfect engaging spots, everything and every place in the global village will become your long last memory for life.

Many selfie spots at the global village attract visitors, and every tourist entering Global Village will surely wish to click at least one selfie. This is the best way for tourists to click selfies at the best selfie spots and ensure their presence on the global heaven of earth.

3. Dining

At the global village, Dubai, you can find more than 200 different dining areas and foods such as cafes, restaurants, street foods, juice corners, etc. This is the best thing about Global Village. It makes it possible for guests to come together and feel familiar with a different type of food taste.

dubai global village dining options and restaurants

global village dubai restaurants

Restaurants are known as landmarks of Global Village. They offer an authentic taste with the perfect place to dine. Check out the top restaurants in Global Village Dubai listed below.

  • Al Haaj Bundoo Khan
  • Al Romansiah Mandi & Mazbi & Popular Dishes
  • Babu Town Restaurant
  • Belgrave Express
  • Bosnian House
  • Belgrave Express
  • Bosnian House
  • Chin Chin

Cafes In Global Village Dubai

The cafes at global village Dubai offer different blends of tasteful items, like cold brews, toasties, cakes, etc., that make the visitors taste this fresh again.

  • B Café
  • Café Mozart
  • Coterra Cafe Roasters
  • Le Patchouli
  • Vine Cafe

Street Foods In Global Village Dubai

The street food’s remarkable variety, mainly from Turkey, Tokyo, and Italy, have made their unique place in the global village. The customer is here to surely enjoy the delicious and unique food that meets their hunger level.

  • Pancakes
  • Smokey World
  • Spiral Potato
  • Steak On Fries
  • Turkish Baked Potato
  • Turkish Ice Cream
  • Floating market
  • Bosnian House
  • Candy Art
  • Chiki
  • Churros
  • Flying Candy
  • Hot Chips
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Mussels

A floating market is the best place in the global village for those who love seafood. Different Malaysian, Vietnamese, and other spicy foods make the guest familiar with the dining experience. 

Additionally, you can also visit fiesta street, happiness street, and Indian chat bazaar to enjoy the different types of food and cuisine at the global village.

4. Carnival

Carnival in Dubai global village helps to fill the tourist experience or tour with wonder and fun. It is all possible because there are more than 170 activities, rides, and attractions to explore and enjoy.

Along with this, the carnival also offers more than 125 skill and arcade games that the guests at the global village definitely enjoy.

5. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Tourists to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not have been known as requesting rides that feature the most sought attraction at the global village. Here, the wide balloon of 65-foot-, is holding more than 20 people at the same time, and soon it will become the new landmark of the skyline of Dubai.  

6. Global Village Dubai Shopping Options

Global Village Dubai offers a wide range of shopping experiences for visitors. Some of the popular shopping destinations within the park include

  • Aaliba Supermarket
  • Ayra Ethnic
  • Art Me UpSahar Qamar
  • Caricature
  • Craft Me
  • Dar Aloud Perfumes L.L.C
  • Hi5
  • House of Moda
  • Lotus Thai Chinese massage
  • Liwa Star
  • Mini Mart Cultural Gate
  • Iraqi Bazaar

Upcoming Shows And Events in 2023 At the Global Village Dubai

For the 26th season of the Dubai global village, they are lining up more than 40,000 spectacular events and special shows for the group of friends and family. Shows with your traditional cultural performances, favorite characters, dazzling main stage performances, street entertainment, and stunt shows, there is everything for tourists and locals of Dubai. Here is the list of the upcoming shows and events of the global village, Dubai

1. Care Bears

Unlock the world of magic with upcoming events of the global village Dubai, care bears. Carebear of the global village features the favorite grumpy, cheer, and sunshine, along with the special on-screen look from a baddie and tender heart that everyone loves for hate. The fact here to note is that it creates the 80’s flashback for the whole family, and they definitely enjoy it.

Care Bears live show at Global Village

It is like a fun family show, full of dancing, singing, and classic magic, all along in the best show of the global village Dubai, care bear. It is the best show for the kid’s theatre. The best thing is that there is no fee for kids to see this show at the global village whenever it comes in the future.

2. Octonauts

The crew of octonauts joins captain barnacles for another adventure abroad to octopod to recruit the latest octo cadets.

Octaunats The global village tickets price In Dubai

The aim of the octonauts is to complete the mission to save the torpedo ray that is found stuck in a bubble engine. Now, what are you waiting for? It is the best chance to plan your visit to the global village with your kids and see this show, octonauts.

3. Bank Heist

This show is based on the story of a mysterious crime wave in inspired Townsville so that everybody is just watching their back.

Bank heist global village dubai

Townsville are often determined to crack down but shackled by their own ineptitude and with the invisible enemy at large and get their work cut for them. You can enjoy their energetic and comedic escapades that are combined with the music and dance craziness and have the host of many cap capers.

4. London Calling

Some famous sights in London come from the back of their foot-tapping jamboree that makes the combinations of fashion and iconic music to bring new life to the streets.

5. Loud house

In dramatic style, it follows a day in the average life of an Indian family that is all with dysfunctional glory! Spousal disagreements, Sibling rivalry,  interfering relatives, and quarrelsome teenagers are all components of the average home family. A father who is reacting more, a mother who is not going on shopping, and a daughter, who falls in love with the delivery boy.

This show has created the story behind how everyone in the family has kept their secret, but the real fact here is to know how to make it. Suppose you love to enjoy Bollywood beats. In that case, this event of global village will surely become a fun-filled, crazy, and chaotic ride for all crazy families and also bring the craziest experience for the group of crazy friends.


Call them the pied piper of drumming street because the AAINJAA is taken to the streets of the global village. It is the best destination, which will surely bring the crowd when the show starts. Straight from Bogota, this top-class talent gives the musical performance thanks to choreographed, tightly moved, and vibrant energy.


7. Clarinetist

A clarinetist contemporary helps to dazzle you with different tunes. Combining jazz with expressive playing, funky rhythms, and catchy tunes, this show is considered one of the avid music lovers.

8. The Mystery Of Golden Rock

This show is filled with an exciting adventure that is specially designed to look at Theatre stage Kids that celebrate Middle East storytelling. In this event, Ozka convinces Zoya and Waleef to venture themselves with Giza to uncover the facts of the Mystery of the Golden Rock. But all these types have not appeared in them. Is this show responsible for uncovering the mystery? Will it take good victory then evil? All is revealed in the wonderland adventure.

Services At Dubai Global Village

It is important to know the guest services at the global village Dubai, so you can make your Dubai tour hassle-free and know all the things right here at your fingertips. The global village provides you with the following services and makes you ready for unlimited fun, dining attractions and experiences, types of the best entertainment, and top-end attractions from all over the city. Here are the guest services offered by global village Dubai.

  • Porters
  • Child care
  • Car wash
  • Rental services
  • Washrooms
  • Free wifi
  • Rickshaws
  • EZ taxi
  • London bus/ tram

Global Village Dubai Location

Global Village is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Exit 37 with 1.6 million square feet.

Whether you are going by your own vehicle or getting help from public transport, it is not easy to reach the global village from anywhere in Dubai. It is true that all the wide roads are well connected to the Dubai global village.

Global Village Dubai Map

The global village features pavilions that showcase the culture and traditions of over 90 countries from around the world. The village consists of several zones and each of the zones represents different countries and their cultures. The pavilions are the Europe pavilion, Americas pavilion. Africas pavilion, Asia pavilion, and Far East pavilion.

global village dubai map

How To Go To Global Village Dubai?

Here are the three different ways, by bus, by car, and by taxi, to get to global village Dubai

1. By Car

The global village is situated conveniently on two major highways of Dubai, so it is not easier to reach here. But it is possible to reach the global village park by car. Once you reach the global park, you can see how much space is sufficient to park more than the 20,000 parking spots.

Also, valet parking space is available in front of the new global village gate at just AED150. In this way, it helps to add convenience to tourists to add up their experiences. If you want to park your car, then you can get the GV express free to train at the new gate of the world of the global village. Here are some details you should know if you are reaching the global village via car

Global Village Dubai Parking and Prices

General parking- General car parking at Dubai global village is free from areas P1 to P12.

VIP parking- You have to pay AED 200 for one day for areas 1 and 2 in order to get into the VIP parking

how to reach via uber in global village dubai

Premium parking

Premium parking costs AED 100 per day on weekdays and weekends. Keep in mind that if you have the  Ai Saada and Asaad card, then you can get the chance to enjoy the 30% off the ticket to get premium parking services.

Rickshaw drop off

The rickshaw drops begin from AED 5 for one person who opts for this service. This service can take you from the parking area to the entry gate.

2. By Taxis

If you do not depend on driving or do not want to reach the global village by car, then you can book a cab easily. Here are some of the options that provide you with a cab facility.


If you want to travel to the global village in style, then you can choose the careem taxi services. The exclusive redemption discounts are more than AED 30 on every ride on drop-offs and pick-offs from the Dubai global village.


Here is Uber for taxi services available for you that best fits your budget, as well as you can experience the premium feature at affordable taxi services.

RTA taxi

You can enjoy affordable and standard Taxi services by booking the RTA taxi services to visit the global village of Dubai.

3. Global Village Dubai Bus Routes, Time, And Number

Reaching a global village by bus is one of the most common and affordable options to choose from. There are 4 different RTA bus routes available to reach Global Village Dubai. Here are the four ride options

Bus 102, you can take this bus from Rashidiya metro station to get into a global village.

Bus 103, You can take this bus from Union metro station to reach the global village. This bus route passes via AI Rebit Street.

Bus 104, This book takes the route starting from Ghubaiba bus station and passing from the AI Jafiliya metro station to reach Global Village.

Bus 106 starts running from the MOE metro station, passes through the AI Barsha Lulu supermarket, AI  Barsha A2, classic crystal 2, Dubai American Academy 2, etc., and then reaches Global Village, Dubai.

Note that the services are only run daily from 3:15 pm to 11:15 pm, with a travel time of 30 days.

Things You Should Know While Visiting The Global Village, Dubai

If you are planning to visit Dubai Global Village, there are many things you should know before visiting. Here are all the things you should know before a visit to the global village.

Things You Should Know While Visiting The Global Village, Dubai
  • Keep in mind that the Monday timings of the global village are only dedicated to ladies and families only.
  • On Fridays and Thursdays, the gate of the global village only opens at 4 pm in the evening and closes late at night at 11:30 pm.
  • If you plan to visit the global village park on the weekend, you will surely see a huge crowd. Hence, we suggest you stick around your family and friends because there are chances that you will be separated from your family in a massive crowd.
  • You should reach the location before the entry time of the event at the global village so that you can make your entry safe from the rush. In the end, it is suggested to wait for some time to watch the global village park instead of waiting outside.
  • If you want to make your global village trip hassle-free, then do not forget to follow the park map. If you used it, you could easily navigate through the global village park by using the map.
  • You are not permitted for any type of PDA within the global village
  • It has been not allowed to take your pets inside the premises of the global village
  • It is suggested to wear some casual dress because you have to walk a lot inside the park
  • If you save yourself from getting stuck in a crowd, then it is suggested to access to VIP pass
  • It is suggested to first check the events on the global village website that are happening currently before deciding the day to visit the global village
  • In this way, you can better enhance your shopping experience with the enjoyment and fund
  • If you love to see the light displays and fireworks, then you should visit the global village park on Thursdays and Fridays right at 9 pm
  • It is highly recommended to enjoy the live concerts of global village park every Friday evening

Global Village Dubai Ticket Price 2023

You can easily buy the tickets to Dubai global village park online and avail of the 10% discount.

The Global Village Dubai Ticket Price

The ticket price for visiting a global village every day of the week is AED 25, and if you buy online, then the ticket price is 22.5.

On the other hand, the value ticket prices for visiting the global village park are AED 20, and if you buy the ticket online, then the price for every ticket is AED18. These ticket prices are valid from Sunday to Thursday, except the public holidays. Remember that people with a single career and determination get free access to the global village; there are no ticket fees in this case.

Read the following details for more information

What Is Included In It?

These are some things included in the ticket you buy to book your visit to Global Village, Dubai.

  •  The tickets for park entry are valid for per-person entry for Season 27 ( keep in mind that Tuesdays have come in family days).
  •  Access to the Emirati heritage authentic area and take you back in your time.
  •  Access to more than 2000 shows every day.
  •  Access to the pavilions from different countries where you can make your trip unique with the cultural treasures and latest additions like Qatar and Oman.
  • Access to the theatre of kids is a lot of fun and enjoyable with your loved ones, and it makes you also look at their favorite characters.

Global Village Dubai Ramadan 2023

During the Ramadan season, Global Village Dubai offers a great cultural experience for ex-pats and locals. The park is opens evening of Ramadan and offers a variety of activities and entertainment, like live performances, shopping opportunities, and traditional Ramadan iftar.

Main Events During Ramadan At Dubai Global Village

  • Majlis of the World
  • Arabian Orchestra

Global Village Ramadan Opening Times

During the holy month of Ramadan, the park opens from 6 PM-2 AM

Global Village Dubai Opening And Closing Dates Of Season 27

The Global Village Dubai 27th season is packed with new attractions and opening date is October 25th, 2022 and the closing date is 29th April 2023.

Global Village Dubai Contact Details

As a tourist, if you are visiting the global village Dubai, then it is important for you to have complete contact details. Here are the contact details with the emergency numbers that you should know while going to a global village

  • If you want to get some normal help or have any query related to the global village’s timings, opening, etc., then you should place the call at +971 4 362 4114.
  • You can also email [email protected].
  • Emergency numbers

For help- If you want to get help from the customer service team of the global village, then you can place a call at +971 4 567 5050

For lost and found: If you lost something at the Global Village, you can call +971 4 567 5055.

For Guest services: If you want to get guest services while visiting the global village, then you can place a call at +971  4 362  4114

From the top or most beautiful tourist attractions, serene beaches, thrilling amusement parks, adventure activities, swanky clubs, vibrant culture, world-class shopping, and exciting nightlife. Dubai holds everything that is enough to make your tour or holidays memorable. One of the most significant beauties of Dubai City is the Global Village. It is concluded as the most entertaining and remarkable project in Dubai.

Dubai global village ranks 4th position among entertainment destinations all over the world. The best thing is that this park, the global village, has welcomed a total of 90 million guests every year to see the beauty of this park and enjoy the latest show and events. In Dubai, the global village contains 27 pavilions that show more than 75 different countries of different cultures in the world in one place. Every pavilion indicates the culture and wealth of a different country.

Ultimately, the global village is known as the world’s largest cultural, entertainment, shopping, tourism, and amusing destination. It has become a well-known mixture of theme parks and carnivals on the rim stages of Dubai. Another best thing about global village Dubai is that it has the largest parking facility in Dubai for more than 23,000 vehicles with a number of exit and entry points.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are you required to spend at Dubai global village?

It is suggested to spend at least 4 hours at global village Dubai and get enjoy the multiple kinds of stuff like drinks, food, rides, carnivals, etc

2. What is the best recommended time to visit the Dubai global village?

The best time to visit the Dubai global village is 4 pm; after this, more crowds appear here, and everything seems to be rushed. So, if you are not feeling good in a crowd, then you should visit the global park near about 4 pm, but too late

3. How to participate in the global village?

If you want to participate in a global village and watch the events or shows to make your trip memorable, then there is a need for tickets. You should buy the entry ticket and book your seat to participate in a global village, Dubai.

4. What is the closing date of the global village in 2022?

The Dubai global village 2022 was planned earlier to run till 10 April 2022, but later the date was extended, and it has been decided to operate the global village until 7 May.

5. Is the global village tickets refundable?

No, the tickets for the global village are non-refundable. This is why we are always suggested to make your full plan whenever you visit Dubai or anywhere. However, once you buy the tickets for the global village, you cannot back it or get a refund. 

6. Is Global Village Dubai open in Ramadan?

Yes, it will be open from 6 PM -2 AM in the holy month.

7. How to reach Golden Village Dubai by Metro?

No, there is no direct metro available to the global village as you can take a bus or taxi to reach the destination.

8. Is entry to the global village free?

No, you can’t enter the park for free there is a small ticket charge is there.

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