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All About Dubai Safari Park: Ticket Price, Opening Timings, Offers, Map, Location, And More



Dubai safari park

Dubai Safari Park is an exciting destination that provides visitors with a unique wildlife experience. Located in the heart of Dubai, this park is home to a wide variety of animals from different parts of the world. From large mammals to small reptiles, the park offers a chance to get up close and personal with wildlife.

The Park is home to around 3000 species of animals and 5600 species of exotic and variegated plants. It is one of the friendliest attractions in Dubai, especially in the springtime. Safari Park is a go-to place to avoid the hustling of the city.

This Adventure Park comes with a lot of hidden surprises that not only promise entertainment but also establish a close connection with the ecology.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Safari Park Dubai, from ticket prices, opening timings, ticket offers, map, location, major attractions, Parking, tips for visiting, and FAQs.

How to reach Safari Park Dubai?

If you are planning to visit this fascinating place then there are several options available that will take you to the Safari Park on time.

How to reach safari park dubai

Since it is located near the city of Dubai it is always possible to drive your own car to the exact location. Definitely, it would not be very expensive and would not be tiring. But if you are in no mood to drive, then different types of public transportation are available. The details of the same have been given in the following way:

  • By Bus

Local buses ply between Al Warqa and the main city on all days of the week. The nearest bus station from where you can board a bus to the safari park is Rashidiya Bus Station. Dubai RTA Bus no. 10 will directly take you to Safari Park Dubai in around 30 minutes. The buses run at regular intervals of 45 minutes. The detailed schedule of the buses is provided as under:

  • Mon-Thu: The first bus arrives at 8:25 and the last bus at 19.18.
  • Friday: The first bus arrives at 8:27 and the last bus arrives at 18.47.
  • Saturday: The first bus arrives at 8:27 and the last bus arrives at 18.59.
  • Sunday: The first bus arrives at 9:11 and the last bus arrives at 19.08.
  • Taxi

You can also book a private taxi to reach the safari, Park. The average cost would be around 55 Dirhams from Downtown Dubai and 90 dirhams from Dubai Marina. 

  • Metro

Dubai Metro also extends its services and helps commuters to reach Safari Park easily. The nearest metro station to Safari Park is Rashidiya. It operates on a single line. You can reach the safari Park within 15 minutes. 

Dubai Safari Park Location

The Safari Park is separate in the lap of nature. This retreat is located on the outskirts of the city towards 5 CCW+H5 at Al Warqa5.

The Dubai Safari Park is located at a distance of 24.9 km from the main city of Dubai. This secluded location offers tranquility and peace to Safari Park Dubai. Animals and plants are protected not only from pollution but also from unchecked human encroachments. 

Parking Facilities At Safari Park Dubai

If you are driving your own vehicle to Safari Park, then you should not be concerned about parking because Safari Park has three parking areas.

Parking at dubai safari park

These three parking zones are Parking 1 for VIP visitors, Parking 2, and Parking 3 for regular visitors. 

Parking 1: This is an enclosed space with 540 covered sheds. 22 sheds are specially reserved for the people of determination. It is equipped with charging stations for charging the electric vehicles 

Parking 2: This space probably offers 750 sheds and is located at a 5 minutes walking distance from the main gate. 

Parking 3:  This is the largest parking space with a capacity to park 1700 cars. It offers a shuttle bus service to travel from the parking station to the main gate of Safari Park Dubai. 

Dubai Safari Park Ticket Prices In 2023 And Map

The tickets are usually priced very less to make it accessible for all the visitors to come and enjoy the place. The following is a list of the details.

Dubai Safari Park: AED 50 

Dubai Safari Park with Safari Journey: AED 90

Special prices For Different Categories

  • For children

Safari Park Dubai offers a special discount to children. Usually, entry is free for children below the age of 3 years. But for children between the age of 3 to 10, the price of the ticket is AED 20 for Dubai Safari Park and AED 40 for Dubai Safari Park with Safari Journey. 

  • For Differently Abled

The differently abled guests are required to avail the benefit of free entry by presenting SANAD cards. They have to accompany their 2 companions to enter the safari Park for their safety. 

  • Adults

Except for these two classes, everyone else is required to pay the normal cost.

Dubai Safari Park Map

Before you start your journey to the Park, it’s better to check the Dubai Safari Park map. You can see 4 main villages on the map Arabian village, African village, Explorer village, and Asian village.

Each village has unique attractions, so plan accordingly. You can find the parking and main entrance on the top of the map, so park your vehicle safely before going and you can also take trains to reach different villages easily.

dubai safari park map

Dubai Safari Park Ticket Booking Offers & packages

The Dubai Safari Park offers various packages for school trips and other large groups. The details of these offers are as follows:

  • King of Safari

This is one of the most luxurious packages that enable all people to enjoy a wonderful experience in Safari Park Dubai. It is good for groups consisting of more than 20 members & becomes possible to witness the wildlife in great proximity and also offers a 20% discount on advance booking.

  • Behind the scenes

Since the children cannot enter Safari directly, a special and exclusive package has been crafted for them. This is known as behind-the-scenes. It is specially arranged for schoolchildren. A discount of 43% is available on advance bookings. They also offer various combo offers and you can check out some special Dubai safari park promo codes online and get extra discounts.

When is Dubai Safari Park open? Dubai Safari Park Timings 2023

 The Operating hours for Safari Park Dubai are from 9:00 AM. To 5:00 PM on all days of the week.

dubai safari park opening timings

A special live show is organized every day and it is scheduled for 11 A. M and 3:00 P. M every day. The food trucks and restaurants in the Park are open from 11:00 A. M to 11:00 P. M. 

Special hours for holidays and events

The general opening timings are not adhered to during public holidays and Ramadan. The park opens at 10 PM and closes at 6 PM. 

Main Attractions Of The Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park is one of the most premium locations that will offer you an experience of a lifetime. It is a Habitat for exotic plants and animals.

This animal sanctuary aims to improve public awareness of the conservation of wildlife and helps to offer interactive experiences to establish a connection with ecology and nature.

african village dubai safari park

The architectures have attempted to replicate the surroundings of different tropical forests in Asia and Africa. It hosts live shows, guided tours, and cultural events to keep the audience hooked. This place is very entertaining and definitely worth visiting. Let us explore the important attractions of this place. 

Animal Safari drive tour On Dubai Safari Park

Taxi and Train services are available in Dubai Safari Park for allowing visitors to explore the vicinity of the area in a much better way.

dubai safari park bus tour

There are different trains for each of the specific locations. The list goes as follows:

  • Wadi station takes you to the entrance gate. 
  • Chimpanzee station takes you to the African village. 
  • Giraffe Station takes you to Explorer Village. 
  • Dragon Station takes you to the Asian Village. 

During the journey, some guides will share the information on a real-time basis with the people. So you won’t be in a position to miss out on anything.

Walk-through zoo with a variety of exotic animals

Once you enter Safari Park Dubai, you can actually have the freedom to explore the entire Park by walking through the tall trees.

dubai safari park zoo with animals list

There are experts to guide you through routes. You can get in touch with the wildlife easily. 

This is one of the most exciting features of Safari. You can visit the African village and the Dragon village and explore varieties of new animals. The visitors can photograph these animals at a distance. 

 Bird park featuring a range of bird species

There is a beautiful bird Park that has around 2000 varieties of Exotic Birds. This Park is the biggest aviary in the UAE. From Australian cockatiel to Canary, you can find every species of bird here. All these birds live in natural habitats

Additional activities, such as camel rides and a petting zoo

The Dubai Safari Park offers innumerable entertaining experiences to its visitors. One can undertake a camel ride or a petting zoo ride to explore the intricacies of wildlife. 

Rules and Guidelines To follow In the Dubai Safari Park

But before you visit this place it is important to take into consideration some of the most important rules and guidelines that have been issued in public safety. 

Rules and Guidelines To follow In the Dubai Safari Park

Safety protocols and precautions

The visitors must remember the following:

  • Never touch an animal. 
  • Never throw stones at animals
  • Always have some experts along with you as you walk into the safari
  • Never trespass on unauthorized lands. 
  • Never bring any scooters or vehicles with loud honking sounds nearby
  • Never litter around

 Animal welfare guidelines and regulations

Some of the guidelines have also been issued for the Welfare of the animals.

  • It is not at all acceptable that the animals are teased or fed.
  • Shooting and hunting are strictly prohibited. 

Recommended attire and items to bring while visiting the park

It is always advisable to wear casual clothes to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the Sun.

dubai safari park front view

You can bring the following items with you when are undertake the safari ride:

  • An umbrella
  • A pair of sunglasses and sunshades
  • Cameras
  • Selfie sticks
  • Folding mats

Do you need to book Dubai Safari Park tickets in advance? Special Offers and Discounts

A list of special discounts and offers is currently underway at Safari Park Dubai. All of this has been a part of the promotional campaign to attract visitors.

Dubai Safari Park has offered a premium 60% discount on the online booking of Safari tickets during the first week of March. Also, check out some unique Dubai safari park promo codes online. In addition, it also includes access to a live show. The safari journeys have also been discounted and can be booked for as low as AED 89.

Dubai Safari Park Available packages

Safari Park Dubai has also introduced a new range of packages that includes a combination of a lot of benefits. Check out the packages listed below.

1. King of Safari

This luxurious Safari ride of 20 people is now available at a discount of 40% for the month of March. Additionally, it provides access to two bird shows and live shows. You can also enjoy free snacks during the evening in this package. 

2. The African Safari Expedition

Currently, offers are applicable on African Safari Expedition. The tickets are valued at 10% less. The access to African Park is accompanied by free lunch and dinner options at the restaurant and a ride at Jungle Safari. 

explorer village dubai safari park

It has been already mentioned that the Dubai safari park has so many attractions that it becomes difficult to visit all of them in one go. Everything from Arabian Safari to the Explorer village and the African village is amazing. The live shows and the bird shows are very entertaining to visit.

One gets a chance to witness the flora and fauna and experience every bit of it. You can shop, relax and eat your favorite food in this place. Overall, this place is a wholesome destination to visit. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best time to visit the Dubai Safari Park? 

Springtime i. E. The months between February and April are the best to visit this place. 

2. Are there any people exempted from paying the fee? 

People of determination, children below the age of 3 years, and specially-abled are not required to pay any fee. 

3. How long does it take to complete a tour of the park? 

It usually takes a total of 4 hours to complete the entire tour of the park. 

4. Can the tickets be booked online? 

Yes, it is possible to book the tickets online through the website. 

5. What are the timings of the live shows? 

These types of shows are organized two times a day. The first show is usually at 11 am and the second one is at 3 pm. 

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