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A Complete Guide To Camping In Hatta, Dubai – What To Do, How To Reach And More



A Complete Guide To Camping In Hatta, Dubai - What To Do, How To Reach And More

You might feel that you have got nothing to do in the winter in Dubai. But it is interesting to explore new activities which are perfect for this season. When in Dubai the weather drops to its lowest, camping is one of the most important activities enjoyed by the people. Be it, locals or tourists, they simply love to camp in Hatta. Camping in Hatta is a popular outdoor activity in the UAE. This is one of the most exciting adventure places for friends and families.

It is basically a short gateway for understanding the cultural diversity of Dubai which is completely away from hustles. It allows you to own your own tent and then relax for the weekend at a very affordable cost. It might not be as comfortable as the luxurious hotels but it provides a wholesome and enriching experience to all the people who love camping. Let us now consider the different aspects which are related to camping activities in Dubai one by one so that you can easily plan a holiday in this beautiful weather.

Camping in Hatta is the ideal way to enjoy the beauty of the UAE’s rocky landscape and rich cultural legacy, whether you are searching for a calm getaway or an adventure-filled trip.

What makes Hatta a good place for camping?

Once you visit Dubai, there is very little possibility that you will find an escape. Even the weekends would not be very comfortable. In order to relax, people undertake camping at Hatta.

You must be wondering why is this location of Hatta only being insisted upon for camping in Dubai. There is a very important reason attached to this. So Camping In Hatta is really mesmerizing experience to all.

camping in Hatta

Hatta is located in beautiful surroundings. It is placed somewhere in the mountains. The weather is extremely amazing. It helps one to explore the countryside of Dubai. One gets an opportunity to dive into the serene landscapes which are definitely a treat to the eyes. It helps to establish a connection between the soul and nature which is often crumbled under the day-to-day pressures of life. After all, who doesn’t like to lay under the sky full of stars? Hatta is an experience in itself.

How To Reach Hatta?

If you are planning to go to Hatta, then you must immediately pack your bags because the distance is very from Dubai. It is possible to undertake a day’s journey to that place easily without any difficulty. The details regarding the transportation have been given the following way. 

  • Distance from Dubai

Hatta is located at a distance of 125 km from the city of Dubai. Usually, it takes around 90 minutes to reach Hatta from Dubai. While you undertake this journey, you would be in the position to enjoy the amazing deserts and mountainous terrains that run parallel to the roads as and when you head towards this amazing place. 

If you want to reach this place even in less time then you can catch E102. From this highway, you can easily proceed ahead with E44. This is the shortest route to reach this place. You won’t find a lot of traffic and you will reach your destination on time.

  • Modes of transportation

It is very easy to reach this beautiful camping destination easily. You can easily drive your personal car and reach this place. Even if you do not want to ride your own car then you can hire the local bus services that run at an interval of 2 hours from Dubai. These buses run regularly except on public holidays. These buses are run by private parties and Dubai Roadway Express. These buses are very comfortable and cost-friendly as well. People can board this bus from the Dubai Mall bus station. 

You can also book yourself a private taxi. There are many taxi drivers that offer these services to all the people who are willing to book a mode of transportation in order to reach Hatta from Dubai. Apart from these modes of transportation, you can also make the trip much more adventurous by reaching the destination via a cycle Or scooter. The expressway has separate tracks for scooters and cycles. This is going to be a heavenly experience 

  • Cost of transportation

Traveling from Dubai to Hatta is a budget-friendly affair. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on any mode of transportation. Let us explore the specific price fare for each of the options. 

  1. Private cars

If you want to drive your own car then it might be a costly affair in terms of the petrol required. You may require around 3.5l of petrol in order to reach the destination. The complete journey will consume up to 7 to 8 liters of petrol. 

  1. Buses

This is one of the most cost-effective options to reach this beautiful highland of Dubai. It charges around DH 25 per person in order to reach Hatta. It will definitely cost you less than driving to Hatta in your own vehicle. 

  1. Private taxis

This is also an expensive mode of transportation which will approximately cost around 55 Dirhams for one person in a 5-seater vehicle. It will be a costly affair if you go with your family. 

Camping options in Hatta

Hatta is a dedicated Campsite that allows the visitor to install their tent and experience the vibe of a trek. It is a comforting feeling in itself. You can also get your own Caravan and explore the surroundings. You can undertake different types of camping in this place. This place even offers special grills for roasting chicken and barbecues so that you can enjoy the best food with your loved ones. 

Camping options in Hatta
  • Types of camping

It offers amazing opportunities for visitors to enjoy different forms of camping. The most important two types are Indoor camping and outdoor camping. 

Indoor camping is all about camping at an artificial setup which is usually prepared by a resort so that people can experience camping. It is a safe and sound option and is very much comfortable. You get all the amenities at your disposal. But it is an expensive option. 

Outdoor camping on the other hand is the real-time experience of camping wherein you put up your tents on campgrounds. At the same time, you get an opportunity to do everything on your own. From arranging your mattresses to preparing your own food you have to manage everything. It is a survival experience that is worth trying for. It won’t cost you much. 

  • Popular campgrounds

Once you visit this place you will come across Barren Lands. These lands would be surrounded by cold deserts and dry mountain ranges. If you are a first-time visitor then you might be confused about the best campground and Campsite. At the end of the day you want a good experience and you can’t just waste time trying and testing different locations. There are some locations that are extremely famous in this place to try for. Let us explore them one by one. 

  • Hatta Wadi Hub

This is an iconic location to begin camping at. It is beautifully decorated with aesthetic graphics. These stone buildings are covered with graffiti for ensuring a hippie touch. It easily offers access to camping up to 18 slots with 24 hours of security. It has a separate Bonfire area and Barbeque area for the guests. It even provides a parking space so that your personal vehicles can stay safe. 

Hatta Wadi Hub
  • Hatta Campsite

This is yet another camping ground which is very famous. This is a natural landscape surrounded by a lake. You can experience a beautiful sunset as it is located at some height from the ground level. All the people have the liberty to do whatever they want as there are no organized areas for bonfires and barbecues. It offers a very raw camping experience to the guests. It can accommodate around 5 families at a stretch. So if you are looking forward to camping at this place, hurry and grab your slots. 

  • Availability of amenities

A lot of basic amenities are available on these campgrounds. One can get access to washrooms and clean drinking water easily. Apart from that there are car spaces available to park your personal vehicles. It offers specific Bonfire and Barbeque areas to enhance the experience. It comes with a 24 hours security cover as well. There are many restaurants and resorts located around these camp sides which serve the authentic food of Dubai. You will have to get your own tent, however. 

What to pack for camping in Hatta? 

If you are all set to set up your tent in Hatta, then you must not forget some of the basic essentials that you may require during your expedition. Let us note these things one by one. 

1. Essential camping gear

This is a basic kit that every person going on camping must carry with them. It basically comprises a tent including a bungee rope and tarps. All of this is required to set up a tent on the campsite. 

2. Clothing and personal items

You must also carry your comfortable clothes and other daily necessities such as medicines and toiletries. But do not burden yourself with something that you do not want because you will have to keep your belongings protected. 

3. Food and beverages

Camping is just a fun activity that is incomplete without carrying your favorite food and beverages. You definitely need food and other stuff on your way so that you keep munching all the time. You can carry some fresh fruit and some soft drinks. You can also carry easy-to-cook food and definitely lots of raw chicken and meat to grill. 

Things to do in Hatta While Camping

This place is not at all restricted to only camping activities. You get to enjoy many amazing activities in one go. It is an adventurous place that you will love visiting. Let us get an idea about the basic activities that one must definitely try when in Hatta. 

  • Outdoor activities

There are outdoor activities that one can easily try in this place. The place offers the most exciting opportunity to undertake mountain biking. The mountainous area offers many cross-country cycle routes to experienced bikers above the age of 18. It is available all throughout the year and this free of cost.

Next, you can also undertake hiking around the Hajar mountain range. You will come across a diversified landscape. From Sandy patches to sharp rocks, you will experience a sense of serenity at this hilltop. This is open to the public all throughout the year. 

Apart from this, the campsites brim with interesting and challenging adventures. This includes a rope course for children, tube sliding, zorbing, Gel Ball, Axe throwing, Archery, Big Plunge, Wall Climbing, Cannon, and Art Hub. All of these activities are very optimally priced. 

  • Cultural experiences

When it comes to cultural experience then, Hatta does fail to amaze you. You will come in contact with many indigenous tribes and people of the villages. You can easily interact with them and get an insight into their culture. Not only this but also you can visit some caves and Rocky museums for understanding the history of this place. 

There are many local rock bands available in this area that never fail to entertain you with their soulful and entertaining music. This is definitely the best cultural experience that one can ever imagine for himself. 

  • Water activities

You can also undertake Hatta Kayaking. It is easily accessible from Sedr Trailers Resort. There are a lot of fun activities organized around this area such as pedalos and water bikes. This is one of the best experiences you can ever get for yourself. You can also get yourself a donut boat in order to feel the freshness of the warm water of the lake. 

Water activities
  • Safety and precautions

One must definitely enjoy it to the maximum possible extent but this must definitely not be at the cost of one’s safety and protection. It is important to stay protected and follow all possible precautions. 

  • Environmental hazards

The place is a dry and barren land and there is a high possibility of landslides due to the movement of tectonic plates or earthquakes. Since natural calamities are unpredictable it is always advisable to stay away from Highlands and never visit such places during the time of rainfall. 

  • Emergency provisions

Accidents can take place at any time. One must always be prepared for the worst. In order to make this happen, one must always be prepared for the worst. Always have an escape route prepared along with live jackets. 

  • Health and safety tips

In addition, it is also important to carry a mask if you are allergic to dust. Always carry some oxygen in liquid form if you feel it is difficult to breed at a hilltop. Do not forget to carry some warm clothes because it can be cold at night. You must also have with yourself a weapon such as a dagger in order to fight the attack of wild animals. 

With all this information it becomes very easy for you to visit this place. This is a complete and exhaustive guide that will help you to explore and gather the maximum out of this place. It is a beautiful experience in itself and if you are in Dubai then you must definitely go to this place at least once every year. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, camping in Hatta is an unforgettable experience. Hatta has something for everyone. If you’re seeking a new adventure and a way to get away from everything, camping in Hatta UAE is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the distance between Hatta from Dubai? 

It is located at a distance of 125 KM.

2. Which is the best season for visiting Hatta? 

Winter is the best season for visiting this place. 

3. Are there any resorts around Hatta? 

Yes, there are many luxurious resorts located around Hatta.

4. Can we bring our own grills? 

Yes, you can definitely bring your own grills to his place.

5. Is there any entry fee?

No, this place is free for the public.

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