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Guide To Dubai Opera House – Tickets, Location, Timings, And More



dubai opera

Do you want to visit the Dubai Opera house? Where is the Dubai Opera house located? Dubai, a popular visited city, has created a house for unbelievable wonders. Dubai Opera is one of the wonders created by Dubai with the help of technology.

Dubai Opera house is situated in the heart of downtown Dubai. It hosts various events, like theatres, concerts, Operas, conferences, performances, ballets, exhibitions, etc. It is a well-designed building of dhow shapes that are used to organize events and shows. The vibrant culture of the community and man-made wonders of Dubai Opera get the attention of locals and tourists to visit and attend several events, shows, performances, etc.

The Dubai Opera is surrounded by famous and most sought-after destinations in Dubai, like the Dubai fountain, Dubai mall, Burj khalifa, etc. It is considered a new attraction in Dubai. The architecture of Dubai Opera looks like the traditional Arabian dhow to gain the attention of the visitor’s eye.

If you want to experience luxury and glamour during your visit to Dubai, you should visit the Dubai Opera. All the Opera lovers will definitely like this place after a visit. Here, we are going to provide you with in-depth information on Dubai opera, including events, timings, tickets, tips, transportation modes, etc. Read the complete post to dive into the details of the Dubai Opera, so you can make your visit well-planned.

What is Opera?

Dubai Opera is a magnificent place with seating to together 2000 people for several venues, such as concerts, arts, performances, Opera, film, sports events, orchestra, exhibitions, and seasonal performances.

Guide To Dubai Opera House


It means Dubai opera is like the banquet or concert hall, where multiple events are organized. In simple terms, Dubai Opera is a cultural icon of UAE and Dubai. It acts as the inspiration for traditional Dubai buildings. Dubai Opera is built in the shape of sailing traditional vessels of Arabs. The shape of the Dubai Opera is popular because of its utility and versatility and represents the vintage dhows wood.

If you are an event organizer and want to know the right use of space, then you must visit this place and know how they organize the space in different forms for different types of events. 

The tour of the Dubai Opera house permits you to explore the marvel and facilities of sculpture and artworks created exclusively for the Dubai Opera house. Here you can learn about the traditional Dubai history that discovers the secrets and design of building behind every structural detail of Dubai Opera.

The best thing is that the Dubai tour can also provide you access to the multi-functional auditorium so you can know more about the modern driving technologies of the stage transformation. You can easily check out the exclusive VIP hospitality suite with the permission of  The tour of Dubai Opera.

Here are the number of shows hosted by Dubai Opera, and make effective seating plans for all guests.

  1.  Placido Domingo is called the king of Opera shows organized at Dubai Opera. The Nutcracker is a popular Russian ballet that performed well at the Dubai Opera.
  2.  International artists like Anoushka Shankar, Julio Iglesias, the Vengaboys, and some classical ballets are also performed at Dubai Opera.
  3. Many world-class comedians perform on comedy nights at the Dubai Opera.

Interesting facts about Dubai Opera

After understanding the Dubai Opera, you should know many more things. Here we will tell you some of the best facts about the Dubai Opera that make this place in Dubai more interesting.

  • The Dubai Opera is considered the brainchild of Janus Rostock
  • The Opera is the biggest venue in Dubai, where several events and Opera shows are held
  • The Dubai Opera has around 60,000 square meters and provide accommodation to 20000 people at events or shows
  • Due to the great space, it is easy to transform the Dubai Opera into a flat floor, banquet hall, and theatre based on events requirements
  • Another interesting feature of Dubai Opera is its soundproof design which makes it best for private meetings, receptions, etc
  • It has the grand circle foyer and studio as the indoor side venues to schedule the private events
  • It is easy for visitors to see the tallest buildings in the world, like Burj khalifa, from the Dubai Opera
  •  If you like to visit the outdoor surroundings, then the garden of Dubai Opera highlights it as the perfect location.
  • You can enjoy the captivating experience of the world’s most popular skyscrapers from the Dubai Opera.

The architecture of Dubai Opera

What the structure of Dubai opera resembles? The Dubai Opera is housed in a striking, unique building shaped like the dhow. The structure of the Dubai Opera is known as an arab boat used for fishing tradition purposes in the area.

Typically, the architecture of the Dubai Opera highlights Dubai’s maritime history. The maritime Dubai character is inside the architectural buildings that showcase the nave, which includes the orchestra, main stage, roof, seats, and terrace with views of the sky garden. The background of building Dubai Opera extends as the real ship hull and works like the taxi, waiting, and parking space.

The architecture of Dubai Opera

The design of the Dubai Opera has come from a British architectural company from London. This architecture company is not strange to Dubai, as they adopt the design of the popular Burj Al Arab hotel, the lighthouse tower, and address downtown Dubai. From the architecture, the Dubai Opera has considered the first spread across 3650,000 sq ft and provides accommodation to nearly 2000 people.

According to the accommodation analysis, we can clearly determine how much big space Dubai opera offers. The architecture and design of Dubai Opera offer the seamless flexibility to shift into the three different modes, a flat floor, concert hall, and theatre, which makes it an event or banquet hall to provide a wide dining space. The dhow-shaped Dubai Opera has used hydraulic and advanced technology, making it a flexible structure with the transform ability, according to the hosted event.

Dubai Opera – Location

Where the Dubai Opera is located? The Dubai Opera is situated in downtown Dubai. It is only 200 meters from the world’s tallest building, Burj khalifa. It is closely located in the world’s largest shopping mall. From the promenade attraction of Dubai mall, you can see the striking building of Dubai Opera on the opposite side of the water.

How to get to Dubai Opera (Public transport details)

As we tell you, the address of the Dubai Opera house is Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, UAE. Indeed, you can easily use the online location or map to reach Dubai Opera. What is the mode of transportation modes to help you to reach Dubai opera? Along with this, there are other ways, either by bus, by metro, or by car, to reach the Dubai Opera.

  1. By bus

You can easily reach the bus stop in front of the Dubai mall metro station, which takes you straight to Dubai Opera from sheik Mohammad bin Rashid Blvd.

  1. By metro

You can easily get off at the Burj Khalifa metro station to take the red line and make your way to Dubai Opera from sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd.

  1. By car

From abu Dhabi

To reach Dubai Opera by car from Abu Dhabi, you must take the sheik Zayed road E11. Then you must take exit 50 to the financial center road/Burj khalifa.

You must follow this road and take the exit on the right to Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Blvd. Move straight and follow the Dubai Opera signage. Then you have to pass the Dubai Opera house on the opposite roadside.

Then you must continually move towards the traffic lights to take the second turn at the junction close to Vida’s downtown hotel. Here you have to take the u-turn and go to the opposite side of the boulevard. From here, you have to continue moving straight to P2/P3 parking and follow the signage to Dubai Opera within the parking.

From Sharjah and Dubai creek

If you want to reach Opera house Dubai via car, you should take the road named Metha Dubai. For this, you must take the exit to Al asayel road before the AI wasl sports club. You should follow this road, then take your exit right from school street and move towards Dubai fountain street.

Continue to Dubai fountain street, move around and take the second exit. Then you have to move to the left side of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Blvd. You have to follow the road from there and then move to the right side near Reem AL bawadi restaurant. Then go straight, and reach Dubai Opera to enjoy your trip.

Best timing to visit Dubai Opera

The best time to visit the Dubai Opera is from November to march. This time is the peak season of Dubai, so you should visit the Dubai Opera only according to this time. If you want to enjoy the Dubai shopping festival, then travel to Dubai from December to February. The best time to visit Dubai Opera is from morning 10 am to evening 9 pm.

Dining at Dubai Opera

What to do after visiting the Dubai opera and nearby attractions? You can go for some dishes at the best restaurants at Dubai opera. Many food places and restaurants are located near the Dubai Opera. You can go for vegetarian and nonvegetarian food per your preferences and tastes. From European to Arabic, Italian to Indian, you can enjoy the meal at the following dining places in Dubai Opera.

Dining at Dubai Opera


  • Armani/ Ristorante

You can enjoy contemporary European cuisine with the mouth-watering menu. It can give you a rich taste and provide you with unforgettable dining experiences at Dubai Opera.

  • Privé/ Armani

The Milan executive Armani lounge is where you can enjoy the palatable dishes. You can also meet new people and entertain them at the Dubai Opera. It is a famous Dubai city’s preferred destination to chill with your friends during your Dubai tour.

  • The loft at Dubai Opera

The loft at Dubai Opera is the modern class with the best features for dining experiences. It is situated beautifully at the top of the Dubai Opera. It provides amazing dining experiences, guaranteeing the best taste buds with delicious food.

  • Amal/Armani

If you want to enjoy Indian regional cuisine, you should come to amal/Armani and enjoy the most palatable dishes. Exotic curries and other food specialties are provided here to represent traditional cooking methods.

  • Asado at the downtown palace

Here you can experience the rich flavors and ingredients of Argentina Asado. It is the best place to enjoy dishes prepared from old dishes and cellared beverages premium, one of the best types.

Ticket prices for Dubai Opera

Here is the information on the ticket prices to visit the Dubai Opera.

  • For adults- AED 75
  • For children- AED 40

Dubai Opera has hosted a number of events and performances acclaimed internationally. After buying the tickets to visit the Dubai Opera, you can enjoy it by watching the best performance, like Christmas jazz concerts, Hooverphonic concerts, the Nutcracker, etc. You can also check the Dubai Opera official website to check the current details on events and tickets.

Ticket prices for Dubai Opera


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Things you should consider before visiting Dubai Opera (Guidelines)

Before making a visit to Dubai Opera, there are some things that every visitor should consider and follow. Whether you visit Dubai Opera with your family or friends, you should follow the things below.

Dress code

There is no dress code to follow while visiting the Dubai Opera. But if you watch the ballroom event at Dubai Opera, you should wear formal clothes, a suit with closed shoes, and a black tie for men.

Women should dress up in gowns or formal dresses with heels or sandals while going to watch the ballroom event at Dubai Opera.

Visitor facilities

  • Washrooms

Every floor of the Opera house building has a washroom for women, men, and disabled guests.

  • Cafes

After taking on your tour of Dubai, you may enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee at the café of the Dubai Opera.

  • Wheelchair accessibility

The Dubai Opera house has a wheelchair facility. The designated seats are also available for guests who use wheelchairs and their companions in the Dubai Opera auditorium.

Parking at Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera provides a paid self-parking area for events or show days. The paid parking at Dubai Opera is available from the Plaza main entrance. The available parking facilities at Dubai Opera ensure you can park your vehicle once you have paid the charges.

Parking at Dubai Opera


Nearby attractions in Dubai Opera

No doubt, you can get great experiences while visiting the Dubai Opera. Along with this, there are many nearby attractions that you should visit to make your trip more memorable.

  1. Auditorium

The Dubai Opera auditorium is a multiplex theatre that has been changed into three models. The theatre is easily transformed into banquet halls for events like fashion shows, graduation, weddings, corporate and social events, gala dinners, etc.

  1. Studio

The studio of Dubai Opera is draped at the plaza on the grand circle. This attraction has an ultra-modern area to organize private events. The Dubai Opera design is soundproof, which makes the studio the best place for significant events in Dubai. It is the most favorable location for product launches or corporate dinners.

  1.  Promenade

The promenade in Dubai Opera is another best-visited attraction built like the sailing vessel-shaped building. It has a semi-private outdoor area of 2760 square meters.

The best thing is that it provides incredible views of the celebrated high-rise building, Burj khalifa. This attraction is best-suitable for gala dinners, celebrations, and outdoor concerts. It is easy to transform the promenade Dubai Opera into a private event space.

  1. Garden

The garden at Dubai Opera is another best attractions in Dubai. This attraction has a view of Dubai fountains and Burj khalifa. The garden area of Dubai Opera has astonishing views and hosts 700 guests in gala dinners, cocktail receptions, outdoor concerts, private events, etc.

  1. Grand circle foyer

This attraction is lounge settings and a private foyer that provide you with a scenic view of the Dubai fountain with the celebrated chandelier spectacular. The background of this attraction is illuminated with glitters and LED sources with hand-lighted crystal compounds.

This attraction near Dubai Opera showcases the magnificent settings for the events and shows in Dubai.

Why should you visit Dubai Opera?

Many reasons make you need to visit Dubai Opera if you want to make your Dubai trip full of memories and unforgettable experiences.

 visit Dubai Opera


  1. Multi-purpose building

The Dubai Opera is a multi-purpose building designed well to optimize sound quality. The best structure of Dubai Opera is the perfect way to best fit with the type of events and performance. It is easy to transform the Dubai Opera into a theatre, flat floor, and concert hall to accommodate the people. It also reflects the light and enhances the acoustics around the Dubai Opera event hall.

  1.  High sound quality

For the events and shows at Dubai Opera, it has a stage with reflectors and towers overhead that creates a hi-tech acoustic shell to ensure the high sound quality transmitted through the wall.

When the Dubai Opera is in flat floor mode, the hydraulic lifts Operate that transfer the 900 seats beneath the theatre.

  1.  Chandelier with attached LED

The elegant design of the well-designed building, Dubai Opera, has a marble interior that boasts a multi-storey 11000-pound glass chandelier with 2900 LED lights.

  1. World-class performance

You will never disappoint to visit the Dubai Opera, with the extended highlights of world-class performances. The Dubai Opera will surely deliver mind-blowing experiences or performances from fashion shows to classical musicals.

  1.  Luxurious

The Dubai Opera is best known for being luxurious based on the type of events, shows, and performances held at this location. It hosts the number of performances that fits your budget. The Dubai Opera is well equipped with a sky garden and rooftop restaurant that offers majestic views of the Dubai fountain and Burj khalifa.

Contact Details of Dubai Opera

If you are facing any problems finding the Dubai Opera for a visit, face any issues at Dubai Opera, or have any inconvenient experiences during your visit to Dubai Opera, you should use the given contact details

A 2000-seat performing arts center in Dubai is a must-visit place. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you should visit the Dubai Opera in the evening to appreciate the light around you.

Dubai Opera is considered one of the most cultural and artistic centres in Dubai. The magnificent construction of Dubai Opera has established the modern city with an international spirit, attending to artistic sensitivity and culture.

You will indeed have an excellent time at Dubai Opera during your tour and make unforgettable memories at this mesmerizing place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any dress code for visiting Dubai Opera?

Yes, there is a dress code to follow while making a visit to Dubai Opera. But the dress code is not compulsory for guests. The dress code for guests is only to encourage them to wear attire according to the events they will attend.

2. What is the cost of visiting the Dubai Opera?

According to the ticket price, the cost to visit the Dubai Opera is AED 75 for adults and AED 50 for children.

3. How to reach Dubai Opera?

The metro station to the Dubai Opera house is Burj khalifa station across the red line. After reaching the red line, you must take the F13 to reach Burj khalifa. From Burj Khalifa, you have to walk towards the Dubai Opera.

4. What is the cost of visiting the Dubai Opera?

According to the ticket price, the cost to visit the Dubai Opera is AED 75 for adults and AED 50 for children.

5. What are the times to visit the Dubai Opera?

The best time to visit the Dubai Opera house is from 10 am to 9 pm.

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