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These are the sectors looking to hire in the UAE

ByTeam ShortListFeb 20, 20183 min read

Good news for those looking to join the UAE’s workforce! , one of the region’s leading recruitment websites, has announced…


Dubai is all set to welcome its first 3D printed villa

ByTeam ShortListFeb 20, 2018

Technology is great isn’t it? It allows us to chat with relatives abroad, make plans, check the weather and now…


Dubai Mall to open massive virtual reality park

ByTeam ShortListFeb 14, 2018

We love rides but we can also do without all the walking, the heat and anything that requires physical effort,…


You can now get from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah for just AED20

ByTeam ShortListFeb 13, 2018

Exploring is fun isn’t it? Finding cool new sights and learning new things, it’s a dream really. But exploring without…