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Safa Park Dubai – Directions, Opening Hours, Ticket Price, And More



Al Safa Park Dubai - Timings, Directions, Opening Hours, Ticket Price, And More

AI Safa park in Dubai is one of the famous and large municipal parks that has become a must-visit place for many visitors. AI safa park is considered the most popular outdoor space in Dubai city. The various picnic spots and beautiful landscape of al safa park Dubai make it ideal for visiting with your friends and family and spending your leisure time here.

This largest park is bordered by AI wasl road, sheikh zayed road, 55th street, and AI hadiqa street. If you want to take a little break from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city, then the AI safa park is the best place to visit. It is a popular place to visit among walkers and joggers because it offers outstanding sports facilities, like tennis and football play areas to them.

Read below the complete post to learn about AI safa park in detail, including the best time to visit, ticket charges, things to do, location, way to reach, etc.

An overview of Safa Park Dubai

AI safa park was established in 1975 on Dubai’s outskirts. After its establishment in 1975, the first development phase started in 1984. AI safa park is a large and charming municipal park that has become a famous place to visit in Dubai.

It provides a pleasant urban sanctuary for people of all ages. So whether you visit Dubai with your friend or family, you should visit AI safa park in Dubai. At this point, the additional facilities included improved sanitary facilities, indoor playgrounds, and sports facilities.

Al Safa Park Dubai

There are many play areas and rides that you and your children both enjoy during your visit to AI safa park. The reason why this park is popular to visit is that there are barbeque areas available to visit with your friends and families.

The best thing is that this park has a traditional giant trampoline, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and many games for teenagers and kids.

You can also visit the flea market of al safa park Dubai every first Saturday of the month between October and May. People also sell their stuff in this market that they do not use, along with buying stuff. So you can get all the basic facilities and modern amenities at AI safa park that meets your needs.

Location and accessibility of Safa Park Dubai

If you decide to visit the AI safa park during your Dubai tour, you have to know its accessibility from where it is possible to reach this park. Therefore, before telling you ways to reach AI safa park, we like to give you the exact location information of this park. The AI safa park is located on sheik Zayed road in Dubai, which is around 10km southwest of the traditional Dubai center.

You can easily reach safa park by bus, car, metro, taxi, etc

  • By car/taxi

The AI safa park is situated 8 miles away from downtown Dubai and borders sheik zayed road, which is the main highway through which Dubai runs.

  • By metro

If you want to go to al safa park Dubai via metro,  then you can get the metro through the nearest metro station, named the business metro station. This metro station is available only half a mile away from the park and lies on the redlines.

You can also get the metro through other adjacent metro stations, like Burj khalifa and noor bank, to reach safa park.

  • By bus

If you want to reach AI safa park via bus, then you have to take the services from the bus available, such as bus 12, bus 15, bus 81, bus 93, and bus 98E. The places where you can get these above bus services are hadiqa street 2 and sheik Zayed road.

Things to explore in Safa Park Dubai

Al Safa park is one of the top destinations for groups of friends and families. The playground areas, huge space, best landscape, etc., make this park a famous place to stay for residents if the weather cools off.

Things to explore in Safa Park Dubai

Visitors are involved in many activities, and there are many things to explore at AI safa park because this park is home to a number of amenities and facilities. Here is a list of all things you can explore if you visit al safa park Dubai.

  • Home to more than 200 bird species

The AI safa park location keeps the visitors close to nature due to the huge greenery. It provides a great space for people who want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of Dubai city. There is a small lake aside from safa park. Along with the lake, it has more than 200 bird species and 16924 species of shrubs, bushes, and trees.

The garden facilities, park locations, and enough greenery for visitors make this park a must-visit destination. When you visit this park in Dubai, it is suggested to must look at bird species here to feel the closeness to nature.

  • Kids play area

Many well-maintained and dedicated areas are available at safa park for children to play. If you are going to visit Dubai with your kids, then AI safa park is the ideal place to visit to spend your leisure time and quality time outdoors with your kids.

Moreover, this park also has monkey bars, slides, see-saws, swing sets, etc., for kids to enjoy here.

  • Train rides

One of the most famous things to explore at al safa park Dubai is train rides. It is the easiest and the best way to visit the park through a train ride. With more than 9 stations available, the train covers the main area of 64 hectares of land in Dubai park.

The major part of this park is covered with green manicured lawns with different types of trees and flowers. You can visit the different areas of safa park by train if you are not able to walk long distances.

  •  Ladies garden

Another great thing to explore inside safa park is the lady’s garden. It is a separate garden or lawn area for ladies available in AI safa park. It is the best place for ladies to spend some leisure and memorable time with their kids.

This garden is supported by enough security for women. Many trees and plants are also added in this garden to add charm and provide the best way for people to relax under the cool shade of trees.

  • Sports and electronic games facilities

Sports and electronic game facilities are available at safa park for kids and adults both. The electronic game center inside safa park is the best way to keep the adults and kids busy. Because of this space, people can stay active and participate in sports like football, basketball, and volleyball.

  • Dubai Canal

The separate Dubai canal passes right through al safa park Dubai. It makes another strong reason why visitors want to spend most of their time in this park. Here, you can enjoy the pristine calm waters from bridges and walkways as you near the Dubai canal.

The best thing is that breathtaking views of the Dubai canal give you the best place and environment to take pictures with your friends and family and make the visit to safa park more memorable.

The landscape of Al Safa Park Dubai

AI safa park is a large urban park of 64 hectares of land situated off interchange 2 on sheik zayed road, bordered by al hadiqa street and Al wasl road. It is known as one of the most famous and oldest parks to visit in Dubai.

The landscape of Al Safa Park Dubai

This park is considered a house for three lakhs, over 16000 bushes and trees, and more than 200 bird species. There are green lawns that cover 80% of the park, apart from the forest and rolling hills. There are many sports and picnic areas at ai safa park, which includes spaces to play football and tennis. The best thing is that there are fountains, waterfalls, and touring boats, for water lovers.

This park in Dubai has four entrances, one from every road that borders it. This park is popular among joggers and walkers for its wide view. It is divided into play areas and sections.

Safa Park Dubai Opening hours

The opening hours for visiting AI safa park differ according to the days of the week. For example, if you decide to visit this park from Sunday to Wednesday, then opening hours are 8 am to 10 pm. But if you are going to visit the AI safa park from Thursday to Sunday, then opening hours are 8 am to 11 pm.

Keep in your mind that opening hours for AI safa park will be different during Ramadan. So, if you visit this park during Ramadan days, you should visit it between 12 pm to 11 pm.

Entrance fee for Safa Park Dubai

Whether you are local or a visitor, if you decide to visit the AI safa park, you should know about the ticket charges before directly going there. So, the entry ticket price to visit safa park is AED3 per person.

It means every single person has to pay INR 56.77 to buy an entry ticket and get their entry inside the AI safa park. The best thing is that the AI safa park gives free entry to children under the age of 2 years and people of determination. Such types of people and kids freely visit this park without any ticket fees.

Contact details of Safa Park Dubai

If you want to get in touch with the AI safa park team to ask any queries about events that are held at the park currently, when you are going to visit Dubai, or any other question, then you can easily call +971 800 900. You can call this number anytime between the opening hours. This is only the medium to come in contact with the park management team.

why Al Safa Park is a must-see destination for visitors and residents of Dubai?

Many things make Al safa park a famous destination for visitors and locals of Dubai. It includes the best sports facilities that provide a huge space to play tennis, football, cycling, volleyball, etc.You can also Visit saqr park in Dubai for more fun with family and friends.

It provides a wide green land where you can easily play casual games. It is the best destination to visit with your families because it gives permanent bar queues space around the edge of the park, playgrounds, boating facilities, train rides, etc. It also served as the best picnic area.

Teenagers and kids also enjoy the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, giant trampoline, and many more games that are set around the area of the park to play. There are many highlights that make this park a must-visit destination. Many events take place here all year, from aspects of cultural extravaganza to theme events.

If you want to take part in these events, you simply reach out to the top destination expert that updates you on the latest events held at AI safa park.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to contact the administration of AI safa park, Dubai?
If you want to make contact with AI safa park administration, you should call +971 800 900 and get updates on your queries and related events information, etc.
2. What is the exact location of the AI safa park?
AI safa park is one of the oldest and most popular parks that is situated near AI wasl, off the main sheik Zayed road in Dubai.
3. How much does an entry ticket cost to visit AI safa park in Dubai?
The entry fee for the AI safa park is AED 3 for one person. The best thing is that this park also provides free entry for children under the age of 2 years and people of determination.
4. What are the timings to visit Safa park?
The opening times of safa park in Dubai are Sunday to Wednesday, from 8 am to 10 pm. However, if you want to visit safa park from Thursday to Saturday, then opening hours are 8 am to 11 pm.
5. It is possible to visit AI safa park by metro?
Yes, you can easily reach AI safa park through the metro. The Business metro station is situated 1.5 miles far away from this park.   

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