Team shortlist30 Oct 2016 AT 11:23 AM

VIDEO: Hyperloop route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi revealed

We're one step closer to supersonic transport
Team shortlist30 Oct 2016 AT 11:23 AM

Ahead of the big reveal on November 7, we’ve got a teaser of the UAE’s impressive Hyperloop plans, with a map showing a route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and a picture of the Hyperloop One model in the desert.

In the recently released model, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) partner Jakob Lange explains how this futuristic form of transportation could change the UAE, and the rest of the world. “The people living here (Dubai), they’re used to that everything is created around them while they are growing up,” he says. “Making the Hyperloop here would be a very natural step in that evolution of this place – the city and the region. We are in a new time now where you can actually develop a new transportation system in very, very few years and change the world.”

He goes on to explain that this supersonic form of transport will allow people to live wherever they choose. A map of the first Hyperloop route shows that it will connect three airports – Abu Dhabi Airport, Al Maktoum Airport and Dubai International.

“Suddenly you can live in the forest, take the Hyperloop and go into work every day and it will take 10 mins. Suddenly you spread the possibilities for everybody to live where they want – by the sea by the water in the forest, wherever,” Lange explains.

If you’re not too sure what the Hyperloop is, here’s a bit of a recap. It’s basically a vacuum tunnel that will propel commuters between cities at 1,220 kilometres per hour. The technology was drawn up by Elon Musk, a rocket scientist and the entrepreneur behind SpaceX – an aerospace manufacturing company.

Initially it was revealed that the technology will allow commuters to travel between Dubai and Fujairah in just 10 minutes. However, now it appears that this is just one of the possible routes in the UAE.


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