Kate-Lynne Wolmarans26 Apr 2017 AT 03:30 PM

VIDEO: Dubai News 5 of the biggest stories this week

A kind gesture has melted the nation's hearts and flying to London from Dubai is about to get faster
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans26 Apr 2017 AT 03:30 PM

Dubai based banker asks du to take orphans to the cinema
Dubai-based banker @HSajwanization said, “Yo @dutweets how many retweets to take 25 #orphan kids to watch #TheBossBaby @DWAnimation movie this #DuTuesday?” And instead of jumping on an excellent marketing opportunity to get a load of retweets, du gave the perfect response.
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Fly from Dubai to London in just over 4 hours with new supersonic jet
Boom claims that it will cut the flight time from Dubai to London to just four hours and 32 minutes. Or Abu Dhabi to Sydney in just eight hours. The first test flight from XB-1 (also known as “baby boom”) will take place next year.
“Today, it takes 7:50 hours to fly from Dubai to London, or takes 14 hours if you fly from Abu Dhabi to Sydney. Boom will reduce the time to 4:32 hours and 8 hours, respectively,” company founder and chief executive Blake Scholl said at Dubai Future Foundation on Tuesday.
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Emaar is set to open three new hotels in Dubai
Emaar Hospitality has announced six new hotels to add to its portfolio, with new developments in Dubai, Egypt and Abu Dhabi.
The company’s CEO, Oliver Harnisch, made the announcement at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM). The six new projects includes Emaar’s first opening in Abu Dhabi. Egypt will also gain two new hotels, but Dubai remains the main focus, with three new developments planned.
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Bathtubs worth US$1,000,000 to be installed in Dubai Palm Jumeriah properties
Baldi, an ultra-luxury Italian bathroom fixtures, create bathtubs using gemstones such as amethyst, rock crystal and malachite. Earlier this year the brand sold a solid bathtub made from a single 10-ton Amazonian crystal to Tamara Ecclestone for $1,000,000, and a similar rock crystal bath will be places in some of the XXII Carat Villas on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.
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Dubai Mall shoppers in darkness after power failure
Dubai Mall shoppers found themselves in darkness after the lights went out shortly after 7pm on Monday night.
ShortList reader Andrea Hewitt-Sims was in Waitrose when the power failed. "The lights went out suddenly. A few people screamed," she explained. "Everyone froze for a moment and stayed where they were. People started using their phones as a torch and some people carried on shopping. After a while we were told just to leave our shopping by staff as the systems were down completely. I left the store and found the entire mall in darkness, even the aquarium. The emergency services were arriving as I was leaving."
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