Kate-Lynne Wolmarans05 Jun 2017 AT 05:33 PM

VIDEO: We try out Bounce Dubai’s latest addition

X-Park features 20 different obstacles….
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans05 Jun 2017 AT 05:33 PM

When we heard that Bounce Dubai, the UAE’s first trampoline park, was introducing a brand new feature to its already impressive space, we decided to jump straight in (get it...).

The X-Park Adventure Challenge Course features 20 different obstacles (including zip-lining, a sea of poles and wall climbing) that aim to test your strength and agility.

To say that we were over our heads is a bit of an understatement. We left short of breath and in a lot of pain. Mainly because we fell more times than we’d like to admit, but also because the 330 square metre park features a parkour section and trampoline area to give you a full body work out.

As we were given an exclusive preview of the course, some of the obstacles were still under construction. We did, however, manage to complete all of the 18 sections available on the day. 

To help you beat our time of seven minutes and 35 seconds (the fastest recorded time is three minutes and 15 seconds), we’ve selected the three obstacles that we thought were the hardest and have broken them down to help you succeed, where we down right failed…

The log run
The aim is to run as fast as possible without looking down. If you stand still, the logs move causing you to fall, a few times.

The Parkour section
We’ve labelled the entire section as difficult because it really is. It requires a lot of upper strength and speed. The trick is to fully commit.

The rings
We never finished this section but we were told that it’s all in the hips. You have to go back as far as possible and swing as hard as you can whilst catching the next ring.

X-Park Adventure Challenge Course
When: From Thursday, June 8
Where: Bounce Dubai
Contact: +971 4 3211 400, website 


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