Team shortlist12 Jun 2017 AT 11:19 AM

VIDEO: Behind the scenes of 3 world-first Dubai stunts

Watch these daring athletes defy their limits
Team shortlist12 Jun 2017 AT 11:19 AM

Extreme sports experts XDubai teamed up with Mercedes-Benz Middle East to pull off three incredible stunts, and this is how they did it.

Stuntman Damien Walters showcases just why he is a Hollywood favorite; world-renowned skydiver and base jumper Noah Bahnson astonishingly taunts gravity; and Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarding and kitesurfing champion, shows the true meaning of adventure with a record-breaking and world-first feat from the Burj Al Arab’s iconic helipad.

See the full kite surfing video showing a world-first from the Burj Al Arab's helipad below.

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VIDEO: A kite surfing champion just launched himself off the Burj Al Arab's helipad


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