Team shortlist27 Jun 2017 AT 06:40 PM

DUBAI NEWS: 4 of our top stories this week

Viceroy to continue operating Palm Jumeirah hotel and more
Team shortlist27 Jun 2017 AT 06:40 PM

1. Dubai named 10th best tourist destination in the world
According to the annual report, Dubai claimed its prestigious spot in the top 10 thanks to the landmarks and because of its “stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, heart-pumping activities and historic landmarks.”
Aside from nabbing a spot in the top 10, Dubai was also named the number one place to visit in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
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2. The water in Dubai Marina turned orange last week
Dubai Municipality said in a statement that the colour-change, which happened on Friday, is due to excavation works related to a construction project. Apparently the project at Qarn Al Sabka links the rainwater drainage system to the canal and it poses no threat to marine life or human health.
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3. Etihad Airways to allow passengers to bid for neighbouring seats
From July 3, all Economy Class passengers will be able to “bid” for the seats next to them which means that all of the “perks” that come with sitting next to someone (fighting over arm rests and having to wake them up in order to go to the toilet) could potentially become a travel experience of the past…
The “Neighbour Free Seat” initiative will allow passengers to bid on the seats next to them during the time of ticket purchase, if their bid is successful, they will be informed 30 hours before departure.
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4. Viceroy to continue operating Palm Jumeirah hotel
The five star hotel made headlines last week when news broke that the hotel was set to be taken over by FIVE Holdings just three months after opening (the property officially opened its doors on March 31).
In an attempt to save the hotel, representatives of the venue approached the DIFC Courts for help. After a brief hearing, the court issued an order prohibiting the owner of the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Dubai property from passing on the hotel to FIVE Holdings – a company affiliated with the owner.
The court found that the decision to do so was a breach in contract as Viceroy Hotels and Resorts signed a long term hotel management agreement to operate the Palm Jumeirah hotel in 2013.
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