Sarah Garden28 Jun 2017 AT 10:52 AM

VIDEO: The making of Imagine Dragons' Dubai music video

Watch "Thunder" being made in Dubai
Sarah Garden28 Jun 2017 AT 10:52 AM

American rock band Imagine Dragons dropped their newest track "Thunder" in May this year. The whole thing was shot in Dubai, with famous locations including The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, d3 and Sheikh Zayed Road providing an iconic backdrop.

The Grammy Award-winning band has just released a video showing “Thunder” being made, giving fans a behind the scenes glimpse.

Before releasing the video Imagine Dragons teased that they were up to something in Dubai, leading many fans to question whether they were filming. The video, which was directed by Joseph Kahn, has already been viewed over 49 million times on Youtube in just a few months.

Our favourite shot is the convoy of supercars going down Sheikh Zayed Road... although it's not exactly an unfamiliar sight. 

You can see the full video below.


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