Arabian Business Staff06 Jul 2017 AT 11:52 AM

WATCH: Dubai bakery creates incredible AED100,000 Game of Thrones cake

Tyrion Lannister, crafted by icing
Arabian Business Staff06 Jul 2017 AT 11:52 AM

In celebration of the multi-award winning fantasy show's new season, one Dubai bakery has decided to do what the emirates does best: turn regular, everyday foods into bigger, better, wallet-busting versions of the original.

The one-of-a-kind cake - which costs almost AED100,000 (US$25,000) – is made entirely of sugar fondant and paste. But the real star of this iced marvel (much like the show itself) is Tyrion Lannister, who sits atop the 'Iron Throne'.

Each component of the cake – right from Tyrion's drinking flask to his distinctive red jacket with intricate gold foiling – is crafted by hand, by a team of chefs from Broadway Bakery Dubai. When finished, the cake is 1.2-metres tall and weighs almost 32-kilogrammes. It comes on a sponge base, available in a variety of flavours. It can easily serve over 100 people.

Those wishing to pick one up to eat while they watch Season 7 (OSN will show the first episode on July 17) had better act fast. While there's only 11 days to go before the second-to-last season begins, each cake takes between three to four weeks to make.


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