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Yas Island Complete Travel Guide: Location, Transportation, Activities, And More



Yas Island Complete Travel Guide

Yas Island is a popular island located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. With its malls, theme parks and beaches, Yas Island is often regarded as the entertainment hub of Abu Dhabi.

It is a man-made island that covers an area of 9.7 square metres and has been considered one of the largest tourism projects in Abu Dhabi.

The island offers you a blend of exciting adventures and leisure activities and is covered with clear waters, beautiful mangroves and the cutest views of the horizon that attracts tourist attention.

Yas Island is commonly known as the entertainment capital of Abu Dhabi and has been named the world’s leading tourist project in November 2009 at the World Travel Awards. This man-made island was developed by the Aldar properties, initiated in the year 2006 to transform it into a thriving hub of entertainment, leisure and shopping.

This article will take you through all that you need to know about Yas Island and life there. So, keep reading through the fun-filled life at Yas Island.   

How To Reach Yas Island?

Yas Island is a popular tourist destination that attracts both businesses and tourists alike. It offers you various activities and entertainment like theme parks, shopping malls, race tracks, hotels, golf courses and beaches to the tourists.

How To Reach Yas Island

It is located 30 minutes away from the city and about 15 minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. If you wish to enjoy your vacation at Yas Island you can board a flight to the Dubai International Airport or the Abu Dhabi International Airport. From the airport, you can get to Yas Island by bus, car or by taxi. 

From the Abu Dhabi bus station, you can take a taxi or car to Yas Island which is a 25 minutes drive through the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street or E10. The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport also offers a public transport system to reach Yas Island.

You can reach Yas Island from the city of Abu Dhabi by taking Bus 190. The cheapest way to reach Yas Island is to take a bus, you can get a direct bus from Abu Dhabi Hazaa Bin Zayed Street to Al Zeina. It operates on a daily basis with a one-hour and 5 minutes journey.  

From Dubai, it only takes one hour and fifteen minutes drive to reach Yas Island. It also offers bus services; you can take Bus 106 from Dubai to Yas Island which takes a journey of two hours.

Accommodation on Yas Island

Yas Island welcomes you with its huge range of hotels that offer waterfront views and world-class service and facilities. The hotels provide relaxation and fun to people of all age categories. So, here let us take a short trip through some popular hotels in Yas Island that provide incredible service to the customers.

Accommodation on Yas Island

1. Yas Hotel

Yas Hotel is a five-star hotel located next to the Formula 1 racetrack on Yas Island and is owned by ALDAR Properties PJSC in Abu Dhabi. It was opened on 3rd November 2009. It is a 500-room complex which is built in 85,000 square meters.

The structure of the hotel is such that two twelve-storied hotel towers are linked together by a monocoque steel and glass bridge.

A Grid Shell structure crosses above and over the F1 race track of Yas Marina Circuit. It offers services in hospitality, sport, hotel restaurant and bars and nightclubs.

2. W Abu Dhabi

W Abu Dhabi is a pet-friendly five-star hotel that is located on the Yas Marina Circuit. It was formerly known as Yas Hotel and Yas Viceroy Hotel Abu Dhabi. It was constructed by Asymptote Architecture and owned by Aldar Properties.

It is a perfect destination for those looking for an exciting island getaway. It offers 499 suites and guestrooms for the customers to enjoy their vacation at the landscapes of Yas Marina. Travellers can have a breathtaking 180-degree view of Yas Island from the E-Wow suites of the hotel.  

3. Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi – Yas Island

Crowne Plaza is a four-star beach hotel located at Yas Island, near major attractions like Ferrari World and Yas Water World. It offers the customers five eateries including a poolside snack bar, a Lebanese restaurant and an Asian buffet place.

In addition to this, you can pamper yourself at the wellness services like massages, spas, manicures and body scrubs. The hotel is located 20 minutes’ travel from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

4. Park Inn by Radisson Abu Dhabi – Yas Island

A part of the Radisson Hotel Group, Park Inn is a three-star hotel that offers you a panoramic view of Yas Island. It provides 204 modern rooms and suites with features like plush mattresses, sleek decors and colour-changing LED mood lights.

You will be provided with amenities like free Wi-Fi, on-site dining, laundry service, complimentary coffee and tea etc. 

Apart from the hotels Yas Island also provides vacation rentals at affordable rates to visitors. This facility allows you to take an apartment, house or resort for rent on a temporary basis as an alternative to hotels. 

Dining on Yas Island

Yas Island is one of the most popular destinations in Abu Dhabi for its great variety of restaurants. The restaurants are also known for their fine services and the quality of the food that they serve. Let us now explore the different cuisines and eateries available on Yas Island. 

Dining on Yas Island


Cipriani is an Italian restaurant that is located at the Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. It offers an authentic menu of various Italian dishes which are cooked to perfection. It also offers some signature items from the original Harry’s Bar with a luxury ambience. 

#STK – Steakhouse 

The STK – Steakhouse offers a great choice of grills to all steak lovers. It provides a fine dining experience with high-quality steaks being served. 

#Marco’s New York Italian

This restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine and classic American favourites. It is an ideal location to chill with delicious dishes and expansive seating that is appropriate for families and couples. 


The aquarium is a signature seafood restaurant at the Yas Marina, the best spot for seafood lovers.  It offers a unique menu of seafood items including salmon, shrimp and lobster. 

Apart from the restaurants Yas Island has several food trucks that serve you all delicacies like burgers, tacos, desserts and much more. 

Activities on Yas Island

Yas Island, the chief tourist attraction of Abu Dhabi welcomes travellers with its beautiful beaches and fun-filled activities including theme parks and adventure games.

Activities on Yas Island

1. Yas Waterworld

It is one of Abu Dhabi’s much-loved theme parks that offers about 40, rides, slides and other attractions. It has an extreme ride that offers a scenic view of the park and play area and pools for kids and family.

2. Ferrari World

Ferrari World is a theme park on Yas Island that has motorsport activities with lots of thrilling rollercoaster rides. The world’s fastest roller coaster ride awaits you there and it has all kinds of rides suitable for people of all age categories. 

3. Warner Bros. World

Another place that you shouldn’t miss when you are on Yas Island, this place offers you a journey with popular cartoon and television show characters. It has been classified into six themes including characters like Tweety and Batman. 

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4. Yas Beach

Yas Beach is the major attraction of Yas Island with its white sand, crystal clear water and natural mangroves is a perfect spot to relax and spend your holidays. It is surrounded by clubs, hotels and restaurants that offer you delicious delicacies and entertainment. 

5. Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit is the place that offers motorsports to customers with the world’s most technologically advanced tracks. It provides various motorsport events, automobile testing, drag and drift nights etc. 

6. Yas Mall

Yas Mall is located at the centre of Yas Island with unbelievable dining, shopping and entertainment experience for both travellers and residents. It is the largest mall on Yas Island and is spread across 2.5 million square feet with hundreds of brands and stores. 

Yas Island has an exciting nightlife that will help you relax from the busy schedules of life. From pubs to nightclubs, the Island has all that you need to indulge in with lots of venues and events happening at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Yas Island located?

Yas Island is a man-made island located in the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the largest tourism projects in Abu Dhabi and covers an area of 9.7 square metres.  

2. How can I reach Yas Island from Abu Dhabi Airport?

You can take the E11 road from Abu Dhabi International Airport to reach Yas Island. It only takes a 15-minute journey to reach the destination. 

3. Is there a bus service from Dubai to Yas Island?

Yes, the city offers a bus service from Dubai to Yas Island. Bus 106 will take you to the destination within a journey of two hours. 

4. What is the currency in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi?

Yas Island is located in the Abu Dhabi Emirate of the UAE. The national currency in use in the UAE is the Emirati Dirham (AED). One dirham can be subdivided into 100 fils.  

5. Which is the closest airport to Yas Island?

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the closest airport to Yas Island which takes only a 15-minute journey. The next option that you can have is the Dubai Airport which is 75 minutes away from Yas Island.  

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