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Man buys Dubai license plate for AED33 million



If you had AED33 million (just under $9 million) to splash on something cool, what would you buy yourself?  A home worthy of MTV Cribs, maybe? A supercar? A boat? A very average premiership footballer… that might just be us.

Meet Balvinder Sahni, who is much more creative with his cash, and just dropped this figure on a license plate for his car.

The Indian businessman bought the ‘D5’ number plate for AED33 million at an auction organised by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Saturday. He also walked away with another number plate for AED1 million.

Around 80 license plates were sold on the day, with a broad range of sale values – an Expo 2020 plate went under the hammer for AED400,000.

Mr Sahni has quite the collection of plates. According to reports, he bought ‘O9’ for AED25 million.

“I like collecting unique number plates and I am proud to have got this number. I like number nine and D5 adds up to nine, so I went for it,” he told Gulf News. “I have collected 10 number plates so far and I am looking forward to having more. It’s a passion.”

Collecting number plates is big business in the UAE, with low numbers often being the most coveted. Back in 2008, Abu Dhabi’s number ‘1’ was famously bought for a whopping AED52.2 million by businessman Saeed Al Khouri.

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