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Dubai has launched a new hand sign for tolerance



Dubai is known as a city that unites multiple cultures, welcoming different nationalities from all over the world. And now it has a symbol for it. At a press conference held on Thursday at Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa, The Mohammed Rashid Award for Tolerance launched the “Tolerance Sign”, announcing Dubai as the capital of the world for tolerance.

The announcement was made along with four doves being released into the sky, to signify the sign’s likeness to a bird. “We are here today to announce the launch of the “Sign of Tolerance” and to celebrate Dubai, a city combining multiple cultures, as a symbol of tolerance. The award is open for participation from all groups from throughout the world, and will honour icons of tolerance in the areas of human thought, literacy, culture and media,” said Ahmed Al Mansouri, Secretary-General of the Mohammed Rashid Award for Tolerance, according to local news agency WAM.

Lojain Omran, a local TV and events presenter, will be the ambassador for the award and launched the sign along with the hashtag #tolerance_unites_us.

“Before being a media icon or ambassador, I am a human being. I have to have a sense of responsibility towards humanitarian issues and the community, stressing that the United Arab Emirates continuously unites the world under the banner of tolerance,” Omran said.

“Through this ambassadorship, my voice will be louder, and I hope that I will play a vital role and work hand in hand with those working with the Award to deliver this humanitarian mission, whose aim is to realise and achieve acquaintances, dialogue, understanding and respect in Arab societies, hoping to strengthen the role of young leaders in the beloved UAE, as well as the Arab world.”

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