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7 steps to perfect hair



Our hair is our crown and glory, but with blow-drying, straightening, back-combing and everything in between, it often takes a bashing. After you’ve found the right hairdresser – remember the episode of Friends where Monica gets a Dudley Moore instead of a Demi Moore? – it’s time to give your locks some much-needed TLC.

1. Have “the talk” before the cut
A good haircut takes some inspiration and professional guidance. Remember to always brief your stylist on your hair. A successful haircut from your stylist is dependent on their knowledge of past treatments and services. And by all means, bring a photo of a hairstyle you like.

2. Share your thoughts
Stylists like to see your typical hair and make-up routine. This lets them create a style and colour that complements your beauty and personality. Also make sure to watch the cut as it progresses, and if you’re unhappy, speak up!3. Treat with care
The secret to thick, shiny, healthy hair is to take good care of it – like how you would your skin. Never brush your hair when it is wet, always use a wide toothcomb and never tie your hair back when it is wet. This causes breakage.4. Less is more
Over-washing your hair will strip the natural oils and cause it to look and feel dry, which makes it more likely to snap. Try and wash your hair about three times a week but if you can go an extra day, do it!5. Invest in quality
Always use good quality products on your hair. It should be protected at all times from the atmosphere it’s exposed to. Protein in products improves elasticity and strength. Also, try and opt for a sulphate-free shampoo. At JetSet we use products by Philip B. The range includes lovely restorative treatments that repair and nurture tired/damaged hair.

6. Stock up on hair-friendly foods
Think about what you’re putting into your body and it will show on your hair. Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Folic Acid as well as a multitude of B vitamins really boost your hair’s ability to grow and stay strong.

7. Trim, trim and trim again
Finally…. keep the ends looking thick and healthy with regular trims. We normally advise six to eight weeks to take off any split ends before they start working their way up the hair shaft.

Top Tips by George Atallah and Khaled Arafeh, Senior Stylists at JetSet.

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