13 reasons Dubai’s ‘winter’ is the best

1. You can finally turn off that A/C
You can spend all that money that you save on your air-conditioning bill on presents… for yourself.

2. The decorations are huge
If you’ve ever been to a small UK town over the festive season, you’ll know that the Christmas lights are positively awful. Dubai gives the world a lesson in how to decorate.


3. There’s no better place to shop
Biggest mall in the world – check.

4. You don’t need to re-apply deodorant six times per day.
Because it’s not as hot as an oven outside.

5. Madinat Jumeirah looks like a fairytale
The market, the lights, the bustle of people. Beautiful.


6. The New Year’s Eve parties are off the scale
You can find some options here, here and here. And don’t even get us started on the fireworks.

7. It couldn’t be easier to cook Christmas dinner
Because you can just order it.

8. Lying on the beach isn’t an endurance test
It’s actually quite pleasant to be outside.

9. You can apply your make-up safe in the knowledge that it will actually stay on your face.
You’re no longer spending half your wages in MAC every month.

10. Ski Dubai will give you your dose of winter wonderland magic
And you can put your flip flops back on straight after.

11. You can use the money you saved on flights to spend on concerts, amusement parks, shows and opera
“So much room for activities!”

12. It’s the one time of year that there are clouds in the sky.
So good for your Instagram snaps.

13. Waiting for a taxi doesn’t make you feel like you’re on an episode of Bear Grylls Extreme Survival.
“If you risk nothing, you gain nothing.”

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