Team shortlist28 Apr 2015 AT 02:54 PM

10 questions for... Marlon Weir

The golf and style expert answers our Dubai questionnaire
Team shortlist28 Apr 2015 AT 02:54 PM
10 questions for... Marlon Weir
Marlon Weir

Marlon Weir is an American television producer and videographer. He is the founder and CEO of Arabian Golf TV in Dubai, which produces high-quality online video content for the UAE’s burgeoning golfing community. Also a noted fashionista, he won Best Dressed Male at the 2015 Dubai World Cup horse race with his Great Gatsby-style suit and boater.

How long have you been in Dubai… and, in ten words or less, how would you sum up your time here?
I have been in Dubai for seven and a half years. My time in Dubai has been a great learning experience that has helped shape who I am today. (That’s more than 10 words, right?)

What’s your favourite restaurant… and favourite dish?
I honestly don’t have a favourite restaurant – there are just so many to choose from. I may have a favourite dish though, it would have to be Jamaican jerk chicken and shrimp from The Cheesecake Factory in Mall of the Emirates.

Which takeaway do you have on speed dial?
That would be KFC, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut.

Thursday night means…
Time to reflect on the week that was over a few drinks.

Friday afternoon means…
Time to reflect on Thursday night over a few more drinks... It could also mean golf. Thankfully golf and drink go hand in hand. I’m all about multitasking.

Guests have flown in to see you for a weekend and they’ve never been here before. What three things do you do?
A Sea Wings plane ride over the city, a desert safari and something in Downtown – At The Top or the Fountain.

Where do you go to get a taste of home?
Coming from New York that has always been difficult but recently a new place has opened up called Tribeca Bar & Kitchen that is New York loft inspired. Good food and drink and a great atmosphere.

What one thing could they introduce to Dubai that would immeasurably improve the quality of your life? 
Robot taxi drivers like in Total Recall. [They're not as far away as you'd think - Ed]

If you had to spend AED100,000 in a single Dubai shop, which shop would you choose?
Royal Fashion tailors. They’re the best in the city. And I should know: Best Dressed Man twice in a row!

What do you do in Dubai that you never do anywhere else in the world?
Order one piece of Panadol.

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