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Dubai weather forecast shows a week of rain



According to the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) we have a few days of wet weather and “unstable conditions” ahead. And the longer-range weather forecasts are predicting that there will be scattered rain across the UAE until Saturday.

The NCMS weather bulletin for Sunday February 12 reads: “Unstable conditions will affect the country, and the weather will be partly cloudy in general, cloudy and hazy at times with intermittent scattered rainfall over scattered areas. Moderate to Fresh winds especially over the sea and exposed areas, causing blowing dust/sand and poor visibility. Sea will be rough in Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea.”

The weather bulletin for the following two days is almost identical, with partly cloudy weather, rough seas, poor visibility and rain. The temperature this week will be around 26 degrees Celsius, though it may feel colder due to haze and cloud cover.

It seems that it’s going to be quite windy too. The NCMS weather report puts the wind speed at 20-35 across coastal, internal and mountain areas, however, it does say that it may reach 45 kilometers per hour at times.

If you’re planning an outdoor activity, this might scupper your plans, but it’s not all bad news. The UAE often does cloud seeding to increase rainfall, as it helps to enhance water security.

In a statement on the UAE’s Masdar Institute website, it says: “It also signifies a milestone towards achieving greater water security in the UAE, as rainfall enhancement via cloud seeding can potentially increase rainfall between 10% to 30%, helping to refresh groundwater reserves, boost agricultural production, and reduce the country’s heavy reliance on freshwater produced by energy-intensive seawater desalination.”

So, naturally occurring wet weather can actually boost groundwater reserves. Just think about that next time you step out in the rain.

It makes for some pretty Instagrams too…

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