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Dubai blogger Huda Beauty pranked her followers



Huda Kattan is possibly the biggest blogger in the world, with 18.8 million followers on her @hudabeauty page and almost two million subscribers on YouTube. She regularly launches new products into her cosmetics range, so when she announced the latest release… people were confused.

She says, “It’s the next big trend, this is where the world is going.” She explained that one of the application techniques she used for her latest eyeshadow palette didn’t go down too well, as people found it difficult to use their fingers. So in response to those concerns she and her team created the finger blender.

Huda explains that she and the team invented the “fender” with scientists. Check out the video below.

The video was uploaded on April 1, but it still didn’t quite sink in that it was a prank (probably due to Huda’s fantastic acting skills).

Here’s a selection of comments from fans who either totally or partially fell for the joke.

“I’m so confused… Is this a joke? She seems so serious but like??????????”

“Great concept! You mention it has skin like technology… I feel with fingers its great as u can warm a product up with your body temperature to get great application. Nonetheless great idea it will soon be bye bye beauty blenders…. always taking it to a whole new level… love u Huda.”

“Um the finger is creepy but like the concept. Maybe make the tool with a pleasing shape and color would be fab!”

“Girl when do you stop. This is so awesome what a brilliant idea I love it so much Huda.”

“Even though it may be a joke, I’d still buy it.”

Now we don’t know about you, but for some reason we find it ridiculously sweet that her fans are this supportive, even when she puts a fake finger on a stick.

Huda revealed that it was a joke last night on her social media, showing that she found it hard to keep a straight face in the outtakes.

We can only dream of having friends as loyal as Huda fans.

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