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UAE to get long weekend in April



If you like, us,  missed out on “spring break” this year, don’t worry because the UAE government have officially confirmed that Sunday, April 23, will be a holiday for public sector employees on the occasion of Isra’a Wal Miraaj.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced the news just moments ago by releasing an official circular stating that the holiday had been confirmed for Sunday, April 23.

While the religious holiday that celebrates Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) nighttime journey from Makkah to the ‘Farthest Mosque’ in Jerusalem was initially planned to fall on April 24, the federal law states that public holidays in the UAE can be moved to the beginning or end of the week if they fall between two working days.

The dates for the private sector have not yet been confirmed but much like the public sector it will most likely also be for one day.

In our excitement, we’ve gathered a list of the future public holidays to come…

The days off work will vary between those who work in the public and private sector – and remember that holidays are subject to change based on moon sightings.

Saturday, May 27* – Ramadan (expected)

Sunday, June 25* – Eid Al Fitr (2 days)

Thursday, August 31* – Arafat (Haj) Day

Friday, September 1* – Eid Al Adha (2 days)

Friday, September 22* – Al Hijri (Islamic New Year)

Thursday, November 30* – Prophet Muhammad’s birthday (PBUH)

Saturday December 2 – UAE National Day

*Holiday dates are dependent on moon sightings

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