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Dubai humidity levels to reach 90 percent



If you feel like it’s suddenly gotten a lot hotter and much, much more humid, you are not alone. The National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has announced that today’s humidity levels are set to reach a high of 90 percent.

While the levels of humidity are on a rapid incline, the temperature is actually going down… slightly According to NCMS the weather has dropped by roughly two degrees Celsius over the past few days.

Here’s what the weather report says: “Fair weather in general and hazy at times. Relatively hot during daytimes and mild during the night. Light to moderate winds in general. The relative humidity will increase during night and early morning with a chance of fog/mist formation over some coastal and internal areas. Sea will be moderate, becoming rough at times to the west in the Arabian Gulf and slight to moderate in Oman Sea.”

And the rest of the week is looking similarly sunny and humid.

If you’ve been feeling a lot hotter than usual this week, that’s largely down to humidity. When you get hot your body releases sweat and salt in an attempt to cool itself down, but when it’s humid the air is already filled with water so the rate at which your sweat evaporates is much slower.

Chemisty of Sports lecturer Patricia Christie explains in a paper for MIT: “Normally, the body cools itself by opening pores on the skin and releasing water and salts. As the water evaporates, it transfers the body’s heat to the air. Because water has a high latent heat, which is the heat required to change liquid water to vapor, this process usually carries away enough heat to do a good job of cooling the body.”

“But the rate at which water — or in this case, sweat — evaporates depends on how much water is already in the air. On dry days, sweat evaporates quickly, which means it also carries away heat faster. On humid days, when the air is already saturated with water, sweat evaporates more slowly.”

Make sure you drink plenty of water!

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