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Oman’s tourist visa just got four times more expensive



Your affordable getaway destination just got a bit more expensive because Oman has just quadrupled the price of its short stay tourist visa…

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) announced the news earlier this week by releasing a circular stating that short stay visas have gone up from OMR5 (AED47) to OMR20 (roughly AED190).

While short term visas will now be roughly four times more expensive, tourists will now be able to stay for 30 days as opposed to 10. So, it’s good news for those who regularly the visit, but not so good for those looking for quick and cheap weekend getaway…

While some believe that the new visa rates will put a damper on one of the nation’s key sources of income (tourism), Chief Operations Officer of Mazoon Travels Riaz Kuttery believes that it will do quite the opposite.

“It’s good. I don’t think this will keep people from visiting the country. If you compare Oman to other countries, their visa fees are much higher. Our neighbouring countries charge OMR35 to enter. I don’t think this will hinder business,” he told Times of Oman.

The news of Oman’s heightened visa fee comes shortly after the country made it easier for tourists from Iran, India, China and Russia to visit through the use of its new e-visa facilitation initiative.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Tourism the initiative that forms part of the nation’ plans to promote its economic diversity also lets the nation’s many hotels submit visa applicants for their guests.

This means that you can now book and apply for your visa all in one go.

If you haven’t been to Oman yet we recommend Salalah; it’s peaceful, home to many great beaches and resorts (Salalah Rotana Resort is a must visit) and it’s packed with many hidden gems and historical landmarks. Also, if you take a boat trip in Musandam you’re almost guaranteed to see dolphins – some people have even spotted orcas recently!

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