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PICTURES: You won’t believe this Dubai photo series was shot on an iPhone



Putting a modern spin on one of the UAE’s oldest traditions, two Emirati photographers have captured a Dubai dhow race using nothing but their iPhones. And with the annual Al Gaffal Dhow Race coming up between May 13 to May 20 (depending on weather conditions), you can recreate the pictures yourself.

The series, captured by Abdullah Al Buqaish and Ahmad Al Rais, shows off an important part of UAE heritage, as well as the features of the iPhone 7 Plus that they used to snap pictures.

Al Buquish went down to Al Jadaf boatyard to further explore the story of Majid Obaid Al Falasi and his father – an Emirati family known for building the world’s soon-to-be largest dhow. Meanwhile, Al Rais’s images tell the story of the dhow from a competative angle by covering the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race that took place at the Dubai International Marine Club.

Happy to share their knowledge, the pair gave out a number of tips and tricks to help you master the art of mobile photography.

1.  Portrait Mode:
The Portrait Mode feature available on iPhone 7 Plus gives an artistic edge to your shot, the setting automatically creates a depth-of-field effect that keeps faces sharp while creating a beautifully blurred background.

2. Low Light:
With the faster sensor and larger aperture, the camera autofocus captures low light conditions regardless of the position of the ship and time of day producing perfectly lit images.

3. Lighting
Natural lighting in photos can give off a pure vibe that indoor lighting cannot offer. Specifically the lighting of the sun can create many stunning spectrums of colors throughout the day and could result in beautiful and vibrant photos.

4. Optical image stabilization
The Optical image stabilisation feature helps to reduce any blur associated with motion and handshake.

5. Choose the best shot from ‘Burst Photos’
Tap and hold your shutter release button on the screen to snap an impressive 10 images a second. The camera’s software then analyses all images, looking at their quality and sharpness before selecting the best image.

6. Capturing magical shots
To capture the magical shot, many factors need to come into play. Pay attention to your surrounding and include any unique subjects in the foreground of the shot.

Try it for yourself at the Al Gaffal Dhow Race near Burj Al Arab. The race will be held between May 13 and May 20 depending on the best weather conditions.

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