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You have to try this Breaking Bad themed café in Dubai



The end of Breaking Bad has left a giant Walter White shaped hole in many people’s lives. But don’t worry, you can fill it. No, we’re not about to suggest that you start watching Better Call Saul (although you totally should) – there’s a Breaking Bad inspired café in Dubai Mall, with a full lab kit and Hazmat suits.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery proved so popular in its first location (Istanbul) that owners opened up two further cafes – one in Brooklyn and one in The Dubai Mall.

All three cafes are created to look like a laboratory, where the baristas work on perfecting the tastiest cup of java they can offer. In fact, it bills itself as the “first coffee laboratory”, as the founders believe that coffee is a chemistry, from the brew temperatures to the espresso machine pressure.

You can also expect some scientifically crafted snacks on the menu along with your coffee – and with a tagline like “Death Before Decaf”, it’s bound to be strong.

Check out some of these mesmerising Instagrams…

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