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Burj Khalifa lights up to show solidarity with Egypt



On Saturday, May 27, the Burj Khalifa lit up in red, white and black to show solidarity with Egypt. The gesture comes after an attack in the south of Cairo that left 29 people dead.

A picture was uploaded to the Burj Khalifa’s offical Instagram account along with the caption: “Tonight, #BurjKhalifa lights up to show solidarity with the people of Egypt. Clad in red, white and black, the icon spreaks the message of peace and harmony to the world during this spiritual month of Ramadan.”

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The post has attracted thousands of likes and comments, with many giving their thanks. One Instagram user wrote, “Thank you very much for the restpect and thought” and another said, “thanks for the support and solidarity. Such a tragic incident.”

This comes just days after the Burj Khalifa was lit up with the British Union Jack, after an attack at a Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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