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Step by step shaving guide for sensitive skin



The climate in the UAE, the combination of humidity, dust and heat can play havoc with the skin, not least when it comes to shaving. Clogged pores, blemishes and oil build up can all result in less than perfect results – especially if your skin is already on the sensitive side.

Here are four products that should help you negotiate the pain.

1. Clinique exfoliating toner
Never underestimate the effect of a good exfoliator before shaving – particularly in a country where sun, dust and sweat can leave the skin covered in things it shouldn’t be. This light toner, which can be used daily, smooths away the rough patches to prepare the face for a close shave.
Price: AED90 for 200ml from Bloomingdale’s2. Nuxe anti-irritation shaving gel
This is one of the most underrated brands in the market. The French skincare company makes a range of excellent products for men, but this sandalwood-infused shaving gel lathers into a creamy foam that is surprisingly light. An excellent daily shaving gel that suits all skin types but is ideal for combatting razor burn.
Price: AED75 for 150ml3. Art of Shaving razor
The combination of sturdy nickel-plated, engraved handle and Mach III Turbo blade make this not only a very grown-up shaving experience but also a smooth, precise and risk-free one. Of course, for about AED60, you can buy the Gillette version, but where’s the fun in that?
Price: AED1,300 from 1847 salon

4. Kiehl’s oil-eliminator moisturiser
There was a bit of controversy when Kiehl’s removed their best-selling post-shave balm and replaced it with a lighter gel, and while we don’t entirely agree with the complaints we do still prefer their ultra-light oil-eliminator range. It glides on and with a hint of menthol, leaves the skin feeling refreshed – ideal for a UAE morning.
Price: AED170 for 125ml

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