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PICTURES: The progress of the Expo 2020 site revealed



The Dubai Media Office has just released images the Expo 2020 site’s progress and, it looks like things are shaping up quite nicely.

The images show how the project has gone from having just the development’s logo to its current developing state and how it is expected to look when the world-renowned Expo event takes place in 2020.

For all those wondering, the site will feature a number of already iconic landmarks like Al Wasl Plaza. The massive project will be 150 metres in diameter, giving millions of expo visitors a dramatic central hub to explore. It will also be topped with a 65 metre-high translucent domed trellis, that will act as a 360-degree projection surface – being translucent, the projection will be visible both inside and out. During the Expo, the site will host a number of events and, once the Expo is finished, it will serve as a mixed-use legacy for the site.

Aside from Al Wasl Plaza, the site will feature a brand new neighbourhood called District 2020. Dubbed as the legacy of the Expo, the site will have 65,000 square metres of residential space and 135,000 square metres of commercial space. It will also feature 10 kilometres of cycling tracks and 45,900 square metres of parkland – the equivalent of six football pitches. District 2020 will also be one of first destinations in the world with a 5G mobile network.

Helping millions of tourists get to the event will be Route 2020. Aside from provide access to the site, the AED10.6 billion route will give residents and tourists direct access to areas like the Discovery Gardens, Jumeriah Gold Estates and Dubai Investment Parks. The metro project will also introduce 50 new trains the Dubai Metro’s fleet, 15 of which will be exclusively for the Expo while the remaining 35 will go to improving the overall traffic on the Dubai Metro. In total, Route 2020 will feature seven stations, five elevated and two underground, which will run from the Nakheel Harbour & Tower Metro Station to the Expo 2020 site.

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