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VIDEO: Progress of the Dubai Safari site revealed



The Dubai Media Office has just posted a video of the Dubai Safari park and, it looks great.

The new footage comes just days after park officials announced that it will not be open before National Day (December 2) as planned.

Speaking to Arabian Business, Tim Husband explained: “I doubt very much it will be ready by December 2, we still need a few more staff and need to finish the cleaning up areas and putting out graphics, but it’s going to be very close around that time.”

Right, so while we wait for the park to open in December, here’s a bit more information on the US$40.8 million project…

  • The park, which will span across 119 hectares of land, is located in Al Warqaa.
  • Once complete, it will feature a number of themed sections including an African, Asian and Open Safari village.
  • It’s said to be twice the size of the world’s smallest country, the Vatican City, and will replace the Dubai Zoo, which closed its doors late last month.
  • The project will be home to 1,000 animals, including 350 rare species which will be cared for in temperature controlled environments.
  • The solar powered park will also have a valley that will span across roughly 7.5 hectares and will feature a waterfall, stream and a lake for fish.
  • Each section of the park is aimed at providing an ideal location for animals to live and at boosting the nation’s tourism rate.
  • The park will also feature authentic restaurants and shelters to further provide the feeling of being the jungle.
  • There will be electric vehicles such as cars, trains and buses to help visitors navigate from one site to another.
  • The entry fee to the park will be between AED50 and AED85, while the price for kids will range from AED20 and AED30.

We’re so excited!

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