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Alternative workouts in Dubai



Sick of your typical gym routine and uninspired by the endless rows of treadmills? Perhaps you’ve had to give up your outdoor jog to escape the fast approaching summer heat? Have no fear – here at ShortList we’ve scaled the city to find the most unusual activities you can have a crack at to stay fit. Best of all, they’re much more fun than pumping iron.

Bouncing on a trampoline probably doesn’t scream exercise but, surprisingly, it’s a great  cardio vascular workout.
What: This is an all-round workout that engages your core to help keep you stable. It’s fun and can be done with a group of friends. Roll, bounce, flip, walk up the walls, you name it you can do it – and you won’t even realise that you’re exercising.
Location: Bouncebehind Ace Hardware, Al Quoz.
Cost: From AED80
Details: 04 321 1400,

Gravity Calisthenics Gym
This is the first calisthenics gym in the Middle East and it’s already hugely popular. If you fancy learning how to master the art of handstands, this is definitely the place for you.
What: The gym offers a range of classes including streetfiit calisthenics, mobility, inversion, streetfiit circuit classes, and parkour classes. For those of you who don’t speak calisthenics, parkour is the sport of jumping and climbing rapidly through an area. All levels are welcome, including novices, with trainers adapting the activities to suit each person’s fitness level.
Location: Gravity Calisthenics Gym, Al Quoz.
Cost: AED80
Details: 055 559 4559,

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