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BreakSlow Brunch



Brunch, to the seasoned Dubai resident, means something quite different to the rest of the world. It’s about sharp dressing, huge groups of friends, free flowing bubbles and possibly ending up on the N’Dulge dancefloor. But one of The Palm’s fronds offers something more traditional. Fairmont have stripped back the party connotations and rolled out a relaxed Friday brunch. An actual brunch – salmon, muffins, breakfast tea and everything.

BreakSlow brunch is leisurely with just enough extravagance to keep the in-crowd happy – so much food that you actually need buffet orientation just to navigate the cold meats. As well as “breakfast-y” options like hash browns, cereal and fruit, there’s enough to keep you going until lunch time. The sushi counter is filled with California rolls and sashimi, and there are plenty of Arabic mezzes.

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