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My week in pictures… Zena Presley



Zena Presley is a poster girl for Dubai. The Syrian-born expat uses international artists to create prints for her collections, embodying the multi-cultural city. As a new designer on the local fashion scene she’s making huge strides already, and her first collection is set for the rails of Harvey Nichols Dubai this June.

It’s clear that Zena was born creative, and her life is a reflection of that. We gave her a camera for a week and asked her to capture one image per day and the result is awash with collection planning, interviews and fashion shoots.

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“My life might look a bit relaxed and peaceful, maybe even more on the glamorous side, but what pictures don’t show is just how hectic it is!” says Zena. “People would be surprised to know the amount of time and effort running a clothing line takes, you’re always on the go trying to balance all the difference sides of the business, while still finding the time to get into the creative zone and design the next collection.”

You can preview Zena Presley’s upcoming collection here, ahead of its launch at Harvey Nichols Dubai.

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