The Emirati DJ and producer looks back
Eddie Taylor25 May 2015 AT 12:52 PM
Eddie Taylor25 May 2015 AT 12:52 PM

It’s all coming together nicely for DJ Bliss, aka Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, the UAE DJ and producer currently enjoying a successful residency at the W Hotel in Doha. Signed to Universal Music MENA, his latest single “Shining” features collaborations with MIMS, best known for the 2007 ear-worm “This Is Why I’m Hot”, and up and coming Kuwaiti star Daffy, and went to number one in the UAE the day it was released.

There’s every chance it will help DJ Bliss become the first Emirati to penetrate mainstream playlists around the world, helped by a US and Middle East tour this summer, so it’s just as well we grabbed him for a chat now. Big things are coming. We’re convinced.

What was the last thing you did before answering these questions?
Going through my wedding album and choosing the final images.

When was the last time you heard your new single “Shining”?
This morning on Channel 4, 104.8…!

What was the last track you downloaded?
The Remix of “Shining” by Prince Q Music.

What was the last song you heard and thought, “Man, I wish I’d written that…”?
Chris Brown’s new track, “Five More Hours”.

What was the last pair of sneakers you bought?
A pair of Nike Air Jordan 2 Varsity Reds.

When was the last time you were homesick?
Easy, NEVER…!

What was the last memorable meal you ate?
Thinly sliced steak at Catch Dubai. It was so good, that I even attempted to cook it at home.

What was the last text message you received?
A message from Aimee [Bliss Productions' Events and Booking Manager - Ed] asking where I am.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
The day I got married.

You can purchase “Shining” here.