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REVIEW: Gürkan Şef Steakhouse



Famous in his native Istanbul, chef Gürkan Şef opened his first branch outside of Turkey in City Walk, 2017. Known for his catchphrase of “Vay, vay, vay” (read: “Wow, wow, wow”) he’s now spreading cheer around Dubai with his prime cuts of beef and lamb sourced from his home country.

We sit outside on the terrace where you’ll notice the decor is special, with dark wood tables, industrial lights and pieces of art dotted around the place. As you’d expect at a steakhouse, plates of sizzling cuts are rushing about the place and filling the air with the aromas of mouthwatering slow cooked meats.

Resisting the temptation to have three-courses of steak, we start light with the Gürkan Şef Salad. It’s a Mediterranean number packed with cherry tomatoes, raisins, goat cheese, pomegranate, walnuts and then seasoned with lemon, olive oil and sour pomegranate sauce. It’s fresh and fruity, and ideal for what lies ahead.

Then it’s on to the main event. A smiling Chef Gürkan walks over with our main dish and places it on a trolley next to our table. At this point the staff are cheering as he puts the final touches to our Gürkan Şef Vay Vay Vay dish.

Liquid nitrogen is then poured around it for a bit more of a show as sparklers crackle either side. It’s quite the spectacle. But what does it taste like, right? Well, the veal and bone marrow combo is full-flavoured, succulent and totally warrants the performance. We order Nirvana, a Gürkan dessert special to finish. It’s made of aydin pumpkin, organic tahini, chopped walnuts and vanilla ice cream. The pumpkin is like a thick and sticky and resembles marmalade. The topping of tahini and chopped walnuts, creates a sweet and savoury combination that we couldn’t get enough of.

In all, Gürkan Şef steakhouse is large on gimmicks, but has the high quality fare to back it up. It’s a welcome addition to Dubai’s steakhouse scene and will leave you saying “vay, vay, vay” after.

Three dishes to try…

Gürkan Şef Vals
This whole rack of lamb from Turkey is served with Balikesir, grilled pineapple and seasoned with Turkish herbs. This is one of the dishes that will get you a performance from Chef Gürkan.

Cheddarli Füme
A sizzling hot plate piled high with smoked meats that’s then covered in a  cheddar cheese sauce and seasoned with herbs.

This rich dessert will keep your chocolate  cravings at bay. It’s made of bitter chocolate and Medina dates.

Gürkan Şef Steakhouse
City Walk, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 379 9777, website

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