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REVIEW: Morimoto



Chef Masaharu Morimoto, the internationally acclaimed celebrity chef known to millions as the star of Iron Chef, has just launched his very first restaurant in the UAE. It’s located on the 23rd and 24th floor of the newly opened Renaissance Downtown Hotel and is already attracting fans from across the country.

The interiors comprises of 250 seats as well as a lounge, large bar area, teppanyaki station, sushi counter, three private dining rooms and four outdoor terraces, all with stunning views of the canal and the Burj Khalifa. The immaculate and vibrant space boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, filling the interiors with natural light and showcasing the city’s skyline at its very best.

Having appointed an expert team of Japanese sushi and teppan chefs from other Morimoto restaurants around the world, the Dubai branch offers a seasonal and ever-changing selection of seafood, meat and more that’s sourced from markets across the globe. Opting for the teppanyaki counter, we were left in the capable hands of two chefs, both of whom had plenty of teppan tricks up their sleeves. Bridging the gap between Masahuru’s native Japan and an American palate, the Teppan selection was fascinating. We had a Japanese take on the traditional Caesar Salad, an Asian-infused Bouillabaisse (cooked for five minutes in a cellophane bag) and spring rolls, which surprisingly tasted just like a cheeseburger.

The icing on top of the very impressive cake came in the form of a black forest mousse that’s served with a mixed beverage that’s topped parmesan. A showcase of creativity that Morimoto effortlessly oozes.

Correction: The tuna pizza is priced at AED88 and not AED19 as mentioned in the magazine. 

Where: The Renaissance Downtown Hotel
Contact: +9714 512 5577, website

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