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E3 2018: PlayStation conference reveals more of The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man and much more



If we had to sum up the Sony PlayStation E3 conference in a word, it would be “brutal”. There was a gruesome theme throughout its showcase that had us peeping through the gaps in our fingers. Sure, PlayStation has some nice, family-friendly games coming up, but the ones that stood out are the ones that will give us nightmares for the next three weeks.

The biggest surprise of the show was the reveal of Resident Evil 2. Originally released in 1998, Capcom’s classic is regarded as one of the best in the long-running (shuffling?) zombie series.

Rather than give it a bit of a HD polish, the Japanese developer has built the remake from the ground up using the impressive Resident Evil 7 engine, which means the brain-botherers look even more terrifying than ever.

The Last of Us Part II didn’t shy away from the grisly stakes, either. Having been panned in certain quarters following the overtly aggressive violence in its last trailer, developer Naughty Dog upped the ante and, through slick gameplay footage, shows lead character stabbing necks and with wild abandon. Grim. Still, with a story built around “hate” for this sequel, what else did people expect from this post-apocalyptic tale of survival?

Even after a gameplay-heavy showing from the mysterious Hideo Kojima title Death Stranding, we’re more confused than ever about what’s going on with Norman Reedus and co. There are a few things for certain, though, like the fact you’re essentially delivering packages (metal boxes and, erm, a mumified corpse) and invisible enemies will drag you into the ground if you’re found. Oh, and the landscapes – think rain lashed grassy mountains, concrete jungles and more – look stunning.

And there was plenty of sword slashing going on in brand-new samurai IP, Ghost of Tsushima, which looks like it could be a sleeper hit for PlayStation.

Away from the gaping wounds, Insomniac’s Spider-Man appears to be shaping up rather nicely with its Batman: Arkham Asylum vibes. Control which serves up some physics-bending telekinesis. And there was even time for the announcement of Trover Saves the Universe from Rick & Morty creator, Justin Roiland.

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