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New iPhone release: Dubai based vlogger Emkwan one of the first to unbox the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max



In true Apple style, the highly-anticipated release of its latest iPhone had the rumour-mill in overdrive.

Finally, the tech giants delivered the shiny-gold goods to the world on September 13, and Dubai-based  blogger Emkwan was one of the first to peel back the plastic on both the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

The first thing he did? Take to YouTube to fill in his followers on his new toys, of course.

While some cynics have been apprehensive over the trillion-dollar company’s latest launch, it seems as though it’s love at first sight for Emkwan judging by this unboxing video.

Placing them side by side, he gives his answer to the entire internet’s question: what is the difference between the two new iPhones?

The popular blogger boils it down to simply battery life and size, with the Max measuring up at 6.2 inches compared to the Xs’ 5.65 inches.

Won over by the subtle-gold hue, he promises to compare all the new iPhone colours – gold, silver and space grey – next. Stay tuned.

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