GETTIN’ SHIGGY - how to dance to Drake

The Instagram star behind Drake’s In My Feelings dance, Shiggy, reveals the secret to going viral
GETTIN’ SHIGGY - how to dance to Drake
Drake doing Shiggy
07 Nov 2018 AT 04:05 PM
07 Nov 2018 AT 04:05 PM

Hey Shiggy. Talk us through the inception of the ‘Do The Shiggy’ dance?

It was definitely in the moment, I had just heard the song five minutes before. It was literally the first time in forever I listened to an album front to back, and when that song [Drake’s In My Feelings] came on I was like; ‘I’ve got to dance, I have to.’

It must have been crazy to realise it had gone viral...

First time I knew it was big it was on the news in LA. I’m from New York, so it carried all the way over to the other side of the country. It was when NFL star Odell Beckham Jr did it I really saw people were paying attention. He’s the one who started ‘Do the Shiggy’ because I didn’t put it out there for anyone to do.

How did it feel seeing your moves gain celebrity traction?

Oh man, when the celebs were doing it, tagging me, giving me recognition it made it more crazy. [Take] Will Smith, for him to do a video took it to a new level of production. Everything he does is big and eccentric, so to be a part of it was crazy big.

Nicest celeb you’ve met?

That’s hard. I’ve met Diddy, Busta  Rhymes... They all show me love.

When I met Rihanna for the first time – she had followed me on Instagram and posted me up before – it was kind of like, ‘What do I do in this moment?’ but she was like: “Oh Shiggy!” Having that moment [when she recognised me] in front of so many people was just...

Tell us about your latest project, The Shiggy Show?

Basically, it’s me trying to get people to do crazy, wild, things to see if it’ll go viral. The funniest moment was getting this guy to try this really spicy hot sauce. His face as he tries to pretend it doesn’t affect him is the funniest thing. People don’t like to say ‘I quit,’ but the next thing you know this guy’s shirt was off.

Is there a secret to going viral?

Know your audience. I know my followers like to see me dance. But it’s that something, like a little hint of ‘different’ each time, but also something simple that everyone can relate to. A lot of people love Drake, and everyone can do the dance, babies to grandparents.

You recently performed at BASE in Dubai. How was it?

Like, one of my top ten moments. Sometimes I do it [the dance] but you don’t really feel it. But there, with the dancers on stage, all my friends around me, people jumping up on stage... Yeh, I love Dubai even more now.

Find The Shiggy Show on YouTube Channel BETNetworks.