It's official: Axe House is NOT going to reopen amid controversial closure earlier this year

The British themed pub announced in September 2018 that it had 'closed for maintenance'
It's official: Axe House is NOT going to reopen amid controversial closure earlier this year
05 Dec 2018 AT 11:14 AM
05 Dec 2018 AT 11:14 AM

Sources have confirmed exclusively to ShortList Dubai that Axe House will close permanently after an uncertained three months. 

In September 2018, the JLT-located venue shut its doors seemingly overnight, leaving customers bewildered over its future.

But management soon followed up assuring that the food and beverage joint will reopen in October 2018, but the statement was never actioned.

Another two months on, it's been confirmed that the actual venue has now been taken under the control of its host hotel, Armada BlueBay.

Axe House social post reading closed for maintenance

Axe House posted the above picture to Instagram on September 23 alongside the caption: "Don't be too gutted. Keep your eyes peeled on social to see when we will be open again."

After the news originally broke on September 23, it soon became apparent that dozens of staff had been left without jobs - meaning a withdrawal of a visa for many - as the major invester had pulled out of the company.

Allegedy, many of employees were left without pay during the business's turmoil.

While signs online and within the location read 'Closed for Maintenence', the reality behind the sudden closure has remained unclear. 

Axe House interior

The British-themed pub took inspiration from Shoreditch, a popular East London location

But taking to Instagram on October 11, the established professed to its 1800 followers: "We were so excited to be reopening today however in true Dubai style nothing happens on time.

"We are working around the clock to bring Axe back and will keep you updated.

"Just a few more approvals pending to get us up and running again soon!"

Axe House first opened its doors in December 2017, taking over from Cocktail Kitchen.