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A terrifying new deadly spider species has been discovered in Africa



A new species of the widow spider has been discovered in Africa and experts believe it could be the deadliest in the world.

The Phinda button spider is the first widow spider to be discovered for 28 years.

But those with arachnophobia will have wished it hadn’t been.

The spider is closely related to the much-feared black widow – and Barbara Wright, who discovered the new species, believes just one bite could hospitalise a victim.

“Although we still haven’t done the toxicology on this species, all widow spiders are considered medically important due to their potent neurotoxic venom.

“The effects of the venom on human beings may include pain, palpatation, sweating and vomiting,” she said.

The Phinda button is native to the critically-endangered sand forests of South Africa and could be the largest widow spider in the world.

Females have bright red markings on both their back and underbelly.

The spider also creates a unique purple-coloured egg sac, which holds a staggering 600 hatchlings.

Wright raised 5000 Phinda button spiders in her home to cultivate a population of male spiders, which are near impossible to find in the wild.

“In the arachniverse, this is a big discovery,” said Wright.

“To find a new species of widow spider in a critically-endangered habitat really highlights the importance of its protection.

“The Phinda Button spider is a red flag to raise awareness of the importance of habitat protection.”

We’re just hoping we don’t come face-to-face with one.

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