06 Feb 2019 AT 02:29 PM

Shutterstock trolls Fyre Festival with brilliant new ad

And it’s made entirely out of stock footage
06 Feb 2019 AT 02:29 PM
Shutterstock trolls Fyre Festival with brilliant new ad

Fyre Festival’s marketing may have been slick, but if you’ve seen any of the documentaries you’ll know it cost them millions – not to mention man-hours galore.

If only they’d known about Shutterstock.

In a newly released trailer promoting its huge range of top-quality stock footage and photography, global content agency Shutterstock has jumped on the Fyre Festival-trolling bandwagon, creating an almost identical promo video to that of the doomed festival.

The 30-second video named 'Overhyped Festival - Be on Fyre' shows what can be made when you have access to a library of footage without blowing the budget, recreating it for just a fraction of the cost – without so much as setting foot on a Caribbean island.

Fyre Festival, for those of you who aren't aware or are in need of a quick recap, was a failed "luxury music festival" created to promote the Fyre music booking app.

It was scheduled to take place on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma, but during the build up the event experienced problems with the security, food, accommodation, medical services and performers, meaning Fyre was postponed.

Instead of the luxury villas and gourmet meals which festival-goers paid thousands of dollars for, they received prepackaged sandwiches and tents as their accommodations.

Shutterstock CMO Lou Weiss said: “After watching the documentary and getting a better understanding of what it took to create the first trailer, we knew we could create the same thing much cheaper and from our desks, so we decided to have some fun and do it.

"We thought it would be a great way to show marketers and creative teams that you can truly create anything you want from our 12 million video clips and tens of thousands of music tracks in our Premium Beat library at an amazing value compared to shooting original footage or creating your own music."

The most impressive part? Shutterstock's cost-saving parody marketing campaign cost less than AED8,000 and took less than a day to make.