16 things you learn while living in Dubai

Dubai is a place like no other. We have the world’s biggest building, the world’s biggest mall… we’ve even got the world. And while onlookers see the accolades and headlines, there are certain things one can only learn by living in the desert city.

1.       Nothing can survive the summer.

2.       Bigger is always better, with buildings…

3.       … And pets.

4.       Sheikh Zayed Road should never be attempted between 6pm and 8pm…

5.       … But if you get stuck, it’s likely that this will be your view.

6.       Everyone has a maid. Because we’re far too busy to clean up after ourselves.

7.       Gold-plated cars are a thing…

8.  Small talk has an exact formula: “Where are you from?” “How long have you been here?”

9.  Everywhere delivers. Walk to Costa like a normal person, are you mad?

10.  You go into Dragon Mart and come out with a toaster, an iPhone12 and a life-sized model of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

11.  There’s no such thing as monthly rent…

12.  Your friends at home think you live like this on your tax free salary…

13.   … But this is how you actually live.

14.   When it rains it pours. Literally.

15.   After ladies night, Wednesday mornings in work look like this…

16.   … And don’t even get us started on the true meaning of brunch.

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