11 Jun 2019 AT 10:10 AM

Reviewed: Burger & Lobster

A new menu guaranteed to please
11 Jun 2019 AT 10:10 AM

If there was an excitement scale for how much we are looking forward to dinner, it would be off the charts. Not only have we never been to Burger & Lobster, but we are super late to the lobster roll party, too. Lobster cages stacked from floor to ceiling greet us as we enter. Continuing inside, we walk through what feels like a tunnel of deep blue tanks filled with, you guessed it, our dinner. For all the sensitive souls that don’t want to see their dinner still alive in a tank, just look right as you walk in. Harder than it sounds.

Red brick walls, hanging lights, wooden floors and deep red leather chairs create a fun feel in the restaurant, relaxed with all the chattering diners. Burger & Lobster is made up of two dining areas. The main restaurant looks into the kitchen, while a more casual area is full of high tables and a central bar, accessible for after-work drinks and a few rolls to soak said beverages up.

The new menu is simple: burgers, lobsters and rolls. Having burnt a few calories at the gym, we’re ready to treat ourselves and order the burger bombs to share. Crispy deep fried parcels of juicy meat, stuffed with melted cheddar cheese and served with their signature burger sauce.

Insanely good, and definitely deserved after 30 minutes of intense lunges and burpees.  For mains we order two lobster rolls and a burger. First, the rolls. The Seven Samurai has big chunks of fresh lobster meat tossed in Asian spices with a light mayonnaise, the bun is slightly toasted, in what we imagine is a big pan of full fat butter. Slightly spicy, and surprisingly light, we’re not sure what to expect with the combination of cold lobster and hot roll, but it works. The truffle has the perfect balance, not overpowering the delicate meat, which has a lemon and mustard sauce combining the mixture. Both equally delicious.

Our 8oz original burger is cooked medium rare, covered in melted cheese, house made pickles and a generous portion of that secret burger sauce. Lovely. Honestly, it’s worth a visit just to dunk some fries into a pot of this, if we could bottle it up and it take home, we would.

We’re already planning our next visit...

Three to try
Panko popcorn

Deep-fried panko- breaded, lemon pepper lobster bites, with a sweet chilli and coriander dip.

Lobster mac’n’cheese
Baked succulent lobster, meat and pasta cooked in a rich cheddar cheese sauce, then topped with a parmesan crust, just for extra indulgence.

The original
Wild Canadian lobster steamed or grilled with a choice of butter or lemon and garlic butter. Served with fries and a side salad. Is butter a carb?

Burger & Lobster
Where: Burj Daman Building, DIFC
Contact: +971 4 514 8838
Website: burgerandlobster.com