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4 rules of male grooming



Seasons pass, trends change and clothing goes out of fashion, but grooming never will. No man should apologise for being dapper or deliberately debonair. We all have a daily routine to keep ourselves fresh, however, this is a guide to fine-tuning your grooming and always keeping your own personal accent to suit your style.

The Style
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Keeping your mane on top form is a must. Studies have shown that people’s first impressions are greatly affected by hairstyle, so you want to make sure you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible. Chose a cut that you can style easily, and visit your hairdresser regularly.

Whether it’s a clean shave, ducktail or soul patch, upkeep is key when it comes to facial hair. That means touching it up at least every other morning. If your beard’s style doesn’t involve growth on your neck, your neck should be shaven clean every morning. Hairs that stray away from the beard and to the upper cheek either need to be plucked, waxed or shaven.Brows
When it comes to the brows, we’re all for keeping them bushy but no one likes a uni-brow or stray hairs blurring the shape. Eyebrows frame your eyes, and you want that frame to be sharp and clean. Using tweezers is the most conventional method of brow upkeep, but there is definitely nothing like a good threading.

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