8 places to order qatayef in the UAE

Atayef, or qatayef if you want to get literal about it, is a crispy parcel of heaven that is a traditional sweet served in Ramadan – and is particularly favoured in Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. It is essentially a small stuffed pancake that can be filled with nuts, cream or cheese, and is then fried and drowned in golden syrup.

Of course, everyone claims their mother makes the best atayef on the planet, and frankly wars have been fought over less, but if you’re away from home and want to get something pretty close to homemade, there are some good options in the UAE.

We had a terrible time combing the streets in search of the bakeries offering the most delectable atayef. Here’s what we found…

Feras Al Deyafa Sweets
Where: Al Barsha, Dubai
This widely popular bakery bakes fresh nut and cream atayef, but sadly does not offer the cheese filling. They conveniently have three branches across Dubai, which include Al Barsha, Marina and Discovery Gardens. The knaffeh comes highly rated, too.
Price: AED70 per kilo
Delivery: Yes
Contact: +971 4 341 3123Kunafa Lamagon
Where: Al Garhoud, Dubai
The bakery is more commonly known for its sinfully good knaffeh dessert, hence the name, but it also bakes tasty atayef in cheese or nuts.
Price: AED60 per kilo
Delivery: Yes
Contact: +971 4 252 5252Al Reef Lebanese Bakery
Where: Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
The hugely popular Jumeirah based bakery, more comely referred to as simply ‘Lebanese Bakery’, offers cheese, cream and nut atayef fillings and has built up a pretty loyal following.
Price: AED3 per piece
Delivery: Yes, but depends on quantity
Contact: +971 4 394 5200

Damascus Sweets and Ice Cream
Al Rigga, Dubai
Named after the city heralded throughout the region as the home of the finest Arabic sweets, the shop is known for its cheesy and sweet kunafa, it’s Turkish ice-cream and it’s year-round cream or nut filled atayef.
Price: AED3 per piece
Delivery: No
Contact: +971 4 223 2028

Al Baba Sweets and Dar Al Baba
Al Barsha and Downtown, Dubai
Al Baba sweets dates back to 1950 when they opened their first sweet shop in Sidon, Lebanon. Since its move to the Gulf, it continues to offer homemade sweets to an appreciative crowd. There are now branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and they offer quality atayef with cream, cheese and nut fillings.
Price: AED7 for cream and AED8 for cheese and nut, per piece
Delivery: No
Contact: +971 4 295 7922/+971 4 368 8140

Al Saada Bakeries
Where: Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi
Al Saada is a very popular Arabic bakery in Abu Dhabi, it offers a cream filled atayef as well as the pistachio option. Both great, although we slightly prefered the nutty version.
Price: AED3 per piece
Delivery: No
Contact: 02 641 2488

Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets 
Where: Deira, Dubai and Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi
It’s one of the oldest restaurants on Muraqqabat street (Dubai), and serves a number of popular Jordanian dishes. It’s known for it’s Arabic desserts, and offers the classical cheese atayef filling as well as a pistachio. They have one branch in Dubai and four in Abu Dhabi.
Price: AED60 per kilo
Delivery: Yes (but only within the Deira area)
Contact: +971 4 252 5252/+971 2 650 6663

Al Mukhtar Bakery
Where: Al Nahda, Sharjah
This Sharjah-based bakery is very much an institution and claims to be the oldest Lebanese bakery in the country. Famous for its mana’eesh and cakes, it also offers both nut and cream atayef that are hard to beat.
Price: AED2.50 per piece
Delivery: No
Contact: +971 6 531 2228

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