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Butcha Steakhouse and Grill



Originally from Turkey, Butcha Steakhouse is the first restaurant in Dubai with the facilities to dry-age meat. The ageing process takes 28 days, but the flavour of the meat, as we found out, is worth every minute.  Located in a prime spot on JBR’s The Beach, it’s a refreshing alternative to some of the restaurant chains you’ll find in the vicinity.

We were greeted with a busy but not crowded restaurant, upmarket décor but down to earth staff and a cozy atmosphere. A lot of effort has been put into the story. Waiting staff are keen to explain the restaurant’s history and the most popular dishes on the menu. Each waiter carries an iPad, so if you’re not sure what to order you can actually see what the dishes look like rather than ordering blind.

We started off with Butcha’s original Bresola meat cuts made with a special recipe of spices, which were every bit as good as the waiter said they would be. Next up, the spicy tiger prawns – succulent, juicy, tasty and every other cliché you can think of, these prawns are the best we’ve tried. We immediately ordered a second portion, and even contemplated a third…

The tenderloin was our first main, shared between two. Given that this is a steakhouse, it’s little wonder that this is one of their specialities. However, the lamb rack, which was cooked in front of us by the chef, is one of Butcha’s signature dishes, and a clear favourite for us. The complete balance between an outer spiced crisp and luscious juicy meat, is enough to turn even the most seasoned steak fanatic.

For dessert we had shredded sweat dough mixed with granulated pistachio in a butter syrup vanilla ice cream. Although the portion is large, it’s definitely not one to share, unless you want to get into a spoon war over the last bite.

3 Dishes to Try

Starter: Spicey Tiger Prawns, AED 55
Main: Lamb Rack, AED 135
Desert: Shredded Sweet Dough, AED 60

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