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Dubai-based reality TV show seeks stars



A brand new reality TV show is coming to Dubai, and the producers are looking for some (brave) contenders. Set to air this September on OSN Sports, White Collar DXB will take a group of everyday white collar workers and turn them into boxing ring champions.

The six-part observational documentary series pits two of Dubai’s top boxing rings against each other, and each will have to train a group of six people. Expect team challenges, boxing showdowns and a special White Collar DXB fight night.

It’s not all about boxing though. The show will also focus on how people can change their lives for the better with boxing, by losing weight, de-stressing, and inspiring the people around them.

If you think you’re too normal to apply, you could be wrong. The show’s producer, Gemma Wale, explained that the only stipulation is that you must have no previous boxing experience. “We want the full variety of Dubai’s eclectic mix of people and cultures,” she said. “From hairdressers to bankers, stewardesses to CEOs. Male or female, if you’re keen to see what you’re really made of, then you’re type of person we want to hear from.”

But don’t let that fool you into thinking it will be easy. “One thing is for sure. The show is not going to be for the faint-hearted”, commented KO Gym manager, and the Blue Team’s head coach, Zack Taumafai. “There’s going to be sweat, tears and every emotion under the sun. I know that these contestants are going to be shocked at what they can push their own bodies to achieve.”

Contestants can apply by contacting the show directly on [email protected]. For more information you can visit the WHITE COLLAR DXB Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine – @WhiteCollarDXB

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